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Amazing Escapades: Surigao del Sur


It was my marvelous escapades in my life. Char! I treated myself a nice and amazing escapades.

The day before my birthday, I went to Surigao del Sur to unwind and of course discover another fantastic views here in planet earth. I got only one thing to described, that escapades was awesome!

It took more or less six hours from Davao City to Surigao joyride. When we arrived in the poblacion of Mangagoy, we took our breakfast and some rest. First pit stop was the “Marvelous Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao”. Uhmmm… By the way, Why it is called Marvelous? Well, see it and you’ll find why is it called. Awesome!

It was a very nice and captivating falls, I can’t really imagine  myself  swimming and enjoying the heaven’s extraordinary place here on earth. It’s all I have to enjoy, so I grabbed the opportunity to indulged the place. Together with my friends and the rest of the nature lovers where there to have fun and see the wonder of the falls. Where very busy exploring the place that every move we made where taken by camera and video. Every single moment in the place is worthy. This is my total escapade so far…A nature lover like me…duh! doesn’t matter how far or near the place, as long as I enjoy myself on it.  Cold!

The Second pit stop was the Enchanted River. Truly it is enchanted…

After more or less two our of exploring the scenery of the fall, we pack up and headed to our next destination. It was my first time to see a river like a sea… bbblllluuuuueeee….. We had our lunch first and do some sight-seeing on the place before we took our swimming marathon. It’s great!

Hope to happen this again… Another escapades please…. 🙂

Philippines awaits the new administration

Election time!

It was a very critical stage nowadays, aside from the news that we’ve seen everyday on television, the days are counting for the up coming national election. Hahay…Do you have your President? Vice?…nah!… I took a hard time thinking about that questions. If someone will going to ask me that, I will  just say, ” I’m in a middle of thinking period. Hahhahahahaha ”

Seriously speaking, Our country now is graving for a change. I guess a total makeover! It was nice to see those political candidates doing their best to impress people on their stuff in order to promote themselves to be voted. It was nice to hear those political jingles that carries their vision and mission if they would be elected. It was nice to watch political programs that tackles political issues which is now facing the country and might get done to be resolve if whom is going to be in the line. I rather say that people now is looking for someone who’s gonna make the country a nice place to live in. No political issues, no corruption, no inequalities…

Hahay… Some people said that there’s no use if the country will conduct elections because still the Philippines doesn’t deserve the kind of law that was experiencing right now. Trial and error! Repeat performance… The history repeat itself.

Some says, We should have hope that someday… someone will do difference. How about in addition? nah… We still hoping but still looking that person when to come to make the country a better one.

Politically or not… this is our time to express and spread the good insights of voting. We all want to live a peace and happy country. Please cooperate and vote!


Misunderstanding is ;

  1. a failure to understand; mistake of meaning or intention
  2. a quarrel or disagreement

“I just don’t get your point why “your” acting like that. It seems like you don’t know me. I guess you have been brain washed by someone. I can’t really imagine that for that too little thing, you’ve just exploded like a bomb! You’re just like an innocent person pretending you have no mistakes. I just don’t get your point.”

Last few months, weeks and days, I had this terrible confrontation of one of my closed friend. I can’t really imagine that for a single and nonsense issue, we separated. It was so hard to give on the friendship. No communication, no voice even just a single sound. I haven’t hear the voice since it was happened.

Friendship? Do you value that thing?… I just don’t really get it. I’m not mad but I was discourage. What happened to you?…hay…

Maybe…we have this misunderstanding. 😦


Hello: Happy Holidays

Hello guys…it’s been a while since I wrote my last entry. I had a very busy days working this past few days, weeks, months. Haaayyyy….

By the way, it’s nice to back again. I spent my Christmas at home and I’m very thankful that my family was in thier good health celebrating the holiday season. Thanks God! We had a lot of things done last Christmas. It was a perfect Christmas for me. We had our exchange gifts and some games.

Almost all of my friends greet me and me as well. It is a season of sharing, forgiving and reflect that Baby Jesus was born.

So in the end it is not only Christmas that we should be going to share our blessings, to forgive nor reflect. We loved God in so many ways so we must share the blessings that the God gave us.

Happy holidays!!!!

Beach Hopping

Last November 1, 2009 we got our best outing as what I experienced here in MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL. We had our beach hopping in all around the beaches here in MATI.


p00I had my very good friends here in MATI that give me this opportunity to explore the wonders of the place. The first stop was known by its cottages on the sea. You have to walk through a bridge with their cottages was on the sea level. Nice one! We spent our night there and had a awesome bath early in the morning.


Second stop, DAHICAN:


DAHICAN is just like BORACAY…its wonderful clear blue water made me excited to swim.



MAYO is known by its cold lagoon…try this one.

It was a very wonderful experienced. Even though I went home (DAVAO CITY) late…still it was no regrets to have companions like this…