My Friend…it really happens

All of us have friends…even we commonly say it “Best Friends”, but in any aspects we treated our friends as our family. They are there in most of the times of all the moods of our life. They’ve been your parents, brothers, sisters or simply a genie in some ways. It’s nice to have a friend in that kind. hay…

Early today as I browsed the net and suddenly saw an e-card in one of the site I accidentally clicked. I found it very intriguing on my side. From the start as I click it, it finds not too crucial to say if the animated e-card is true. I guess It happens in reality, and in the other side it wouldn’t be done instead if there are no basis and it maybe happens or happened .

I laughed as I watched the e-card. It seems like I’ve been having an attachment on that animated thing. Although it’s not perfectly the same as what I’ve been experienced but a little more similar. I prefer to say that, “Your Best Friend is you worst Enemy…”. I don’t want to further discuss or enumerate those things. It’s been a wet pillows every night and I don’t want to recall it then. It’s past!

You judge if what your views on it… I experienced it in some other way… See it as what you think it exist and give your judgment…

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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. hi Idetrorce,,,thank you for visiting my site…

    I think we’re not on the same track…guess you have a good experience with your friends…me?…not to mention…i have it in…that would totally explains…

    Nice to read comment from you…see you then..

    Hope to read more comments…:)

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