Amazing 6!

You know who you are…

Hello there guys!…hope you read this. You know what,,, for more than four (4) years that we had been together I really appreciated all the things that happened to us…maybe there are sad moments but although we do have bad memories still I treasure it all. It would be hard for me to forget you all, ‘coz I know deep in my heart I’m not considering you as my friends or simple companions, but instead, I do care and feel as we are family. Maybe sometimes we do not intend to hurt each others feelings but then maybe there are circumstances we can’t handle to happen. maybe just the things that happen to us is part of our life,,, that is intended to happen.

We oftentimes can’t see each other because of our own busy life. We have our respective doings here on earth that quite tear us apart. But then, I hope that God will give us time to see each other again and make more memories again.

We have our own journey in life to be walk on to. Own dream to fulfill, own will to set free and own desires to have, but perhaps you can include that also we have people we intended to see.

I hope that God will find a way that we can be seeing each other again.

Waiting for that time to come… πŸ˜‰



  1. hello kafatid.. nice kau ai.. thankx for that article of yours.. cguro its my time for me to say thank you because you have accepted despite of my weaknesses and sorry because i know that I have hurt you talaga.. Thanx kau kafatid oi.. Gud luck for your future endeavors..I love you…..Ü

  2. Yes…Hello Kafatid…thanks sa comment…i really appreciated it a lot…lot we can find ways to see each others often…unsaon nalang ang atong pamilya…I missed the things we’ve always do…I love you all…ingats!…ty

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