Smart back-to-school shopping tips

SAYONARA summer vacation, hola comienzo de la escuela! Yes, vacation is finally over for us students and there is no stopping classes from starting. What better way to greet the school’s opening than by planning a back-to-school shopping spree. Get everything you need for school without hurting your budget. Here’s how:

1. Make a school supplies must-have checklist.
Making a list of everything you need will help you cover all the things you have to buy and keep you from going back to the store after learning that you missed some supplies.

2. Separate needs from wants.
Invest ONLY in supplies you need. Buy only those that are very useful to you. Learn to set your priorities, manage your money and start saving your allowance. You don’t need Spiderman for a notebook. Puhlease, you’re no kids anymore.

3. Make an inventory.
Look into your stack and boxes of supplies from previous school years, and you just might find most of them to be useful for the year.

4. Be resourceful.
Learn to recycle what you have. Convert unused supplies to something that could be of great use for the new school year. You can compile unused pages of your notebooks or perhaps scratch papers, bind them together and voila! You just got yourself a new notebook or writing pad without spending a single cent. You can even customize it to suite your styling taste.

5. Avoid the back-to-school rush.
Start your school supplies shopping early. The best bargains are often available at back-to-school sales, which start as early as the start of May in most department stores. Don’t wait for school supplies to run out before deciding to shop.

6. Watch out for discounts and promos.
Be keen and take note of flyers, ads and announcements on back-to-school discount promos. Consider buy-one-take-one bargains, they are the ultimate money-savers.

Sun.Star Cebu


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