Horoscope for Today

Aries–You’re in a pensive mood today, but don’t make too many rash decisions. Sit quietly and ponder your next move — food bowl or nap? You’ll make the most of your day.

Taurus–You need action today. The temptation to loaf on the couch overwhelms you, but resist the urges. Instead, get out there, stroll around the neighborhood and breathe deeply.

Gemini–You save the day with your incredibly dynamic personality. Your human is in the doldrums, and your uplifting antics are exactly what they need to brighten the day.

Cancer–Look for a chance to make a defining decision about your life. The opportunity might not be an earth-shattering event, but its consequences will change your whole perspective.

Leo–Your fabulously creative feline mind entertains your friends for hours on end. Use that powerful energy today to infuse life into a lame day. Encourage those around you to engage in play and don’t forget to join in.

Virgo–Your demanding nature throws you out of favor with your kitty friends sometimes. They just want to have fun, but with you, every activity’s a mission. Such a perfectionist! Loosen up and enjoy the company of others this afternoon.

Libra–You possess the killer combination of brains and class. This gift allows you to charm the pants off everyone. You sometimes use your dynamism to deflect the uglier side of your personality. Keep that side under wraps today.

Scorpio–Let those other kitties and humans think they’re in charge. Little do they know you’ve secured the upper hand. You’re a whiz at playing dumb, so don’t keep them in suspense. Just do your thing and eventually they’ll get the picture.

Sagittarius–Nothing can spoil your good mood today — even that nasty feline down the street. You’re far too fabulous to let a trash-talking kitty ruin such a lovely afternoon. Avoid that so-called friend like the plague.

Capricorn–You lack flexibility, but your gleaming personality more than overcompensates. Deep down you absolutely love the undivided attention of others, but sometimes too much limelight brings you discomfort. Ease up on yourself today.

Aquarius–You were born under a charmed astrological combination. Your brains and brawn lead you through adversity unscathed. Today, give back to the universe that is so kind to you. Lend a friendly word or helpful gesture to someone less fortunate.

Pisces–Establish communication with an old flame today. Past transgressions have left a bad taste in your mouth, but now’s the time to swish and rinse. You’ll feel great once you clear the air.


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