Horoscope for Today

Aries–The shorter, the sweeter! Why spend all afternoon at the spa when an express facial will do the trick? And save a lengthy workout for the weekend; for now, a quick and intense weight routine fits the bill perfectly.

Taurus–Take off your glasses, squint or bring a magnifying glass if you have to, just look at everything extra closely. On a day like this, the top you think is a steal at 20 dollars might actually be 120 … or worse!

Gemini–Bounce ideas off a pal. You have a yen for shorter hair? She can help you design the perfect pageboy. Know you want highlights? Trust her to help you select just the right honey or auburn tones. Harness the power of two!

Cancer–Finding those leopard flats more appealing than plain black ones? Drawn toward your closet’s hot pink items? Tempted to wear your evening lipstick during the day? Go for it. It’s your turn to visit the wild side!

Leo–Think of the last time someone else’s style really impressed you. Was it her polished coif? A comfy but chic pair of sneakers? A daring but successful combination of patterns? Add those elements to your own look.

Virgo–Don’t think that your work is over once your hair and makeup are done. The details will make or break a look now, so double-check that there’s no lipstick on your teeth, flyaways in your hair or lint on your pants.

Libra–Try to ignore all the styles and colors around you and turn inward — what fashion choices will really make your heart sing? Are you wishing for a more youthful look, or maybe more sophistication? Listen to yourself.

Scorpio–Think you’re 100 percent certain of your size? Any other day that would seem like pretty good odds. But today, better not skip the dressing room to save time or order an outfit online. Even little risks are too big now.

Sagittarius–Turn today’s style issue into tomorrow’s skill. If your new pair of pants needs hemming, for example, you could take them to a tailor. Or you could sign up for a sewing class and address your future hemming needs too!

Capricorn–Get rid of anything that’s just cluttering your closet, dresser or shower. Do you really use the decorative soaps lined up on the tub, for example? Have you been storing clothes you mean to donate for years now?

Aquarius–Your challenge is to describe yourself to the world … without saying a word. Will you mention your classic elegance in a simple shift dress, perhaps, or explain your spunk in a colorful handmade outfit? Start talking.

Pisces–If you can’t make out that dress’s pattern from its tiny online picture, or you’re not sure which of your town’s gyms is the best deal, hold off on making a decision. Everything may seem fuzzy now — wait for clarity.


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