Speak out: Thank you, dad

HOW we thank thee? Let us count the ways.

We thank thee for:

–Showing us what unconditional love is all about;
–Guiding and molding us to be good Christians;
–Not being too strict or too lenient with us;
–Not comparing our generation with yours;
–Not forgetting that the earth revolves around the sun, that time changes and so do happenings and things that surround us;
–Realizing that we too have our own ways of thinking, preferences, mood swings, likes and dislikes;
–Adjusting to situations and adopting to our world;
–Teaching the difference between love and discipline;
–Weighing and re-evaluating things before you blow your top and reprimand us;
–Being there in good times or in bad;
–Being understanding and considerate when the world turns its back from us;
–Being the all-around persona in our lives as working father, teacher, adviser, companion, disciplinarian all rolled into one, and best of all, as our best friend;
–Believing that fatherhood is the noblest career in the world and that nothing is more hurting than to see your kids suffer or fail in their lives;
–Being our inspiration and our hero;
–Showing us how to cross a bridge over troubled waters;
–Taking time to explain to us the “whats”, the “whys”, or the “hows” of life;
–Your all-out support in all our endeavors from grade school to high school to college and more;
But most of all, for making us what we are today: A father ourselves.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Sun.Star Editorial


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