Too Good to Be True

HAVE you ever had anything in your life that’s simply “too good to be true”? I’m actually pondering on the thought within the context of being given something rare; say an opportunity or expensive thing, without having to pay in return. Most people call it charity; others, blessing. For some, it’s just pure luck. No matter how one calls it, the most interesting question will always be that if it happens, does it really come without any price at all?

Great responsibility comes with every great talent. I believe the same applies in privileges, blessings, or fortune. A great part of our Filipino tradition also urges Gratitude. Well, it’s more of indebtedness. Utang na loob. Unfortunately, these things are too difficult to quantity. Come to think of it, they can never be quantified. Someone told me once, “For as long as you can avoid it, never ask any favour from anyone – not even your friends. You will never be able to repay an ‘utang na loob’. Trust me.” I actually believe him. But that doesn’t discount some people who actually find joy in helping others without asking for something in return. Even if they deserve more, a simple smile of appreciation is enough for them. I also believe that prayers for them would do wonders. These are people who I find to be too good to be true. I actually know a few.

Maybe being too-good-to-be-true or doing something that’s too-good-to be-true comes from believing in the good that’s in all of us beyond all odds; believing that even if something turns out bad, what’s more important is that you did the right thing in the first place. Hmm….Better said than done? Ah well, it happens.



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