Chain Message

Hi, my name is Kay, and i am 12 years old. i have long light brown hair, one brown eye and one blue eye. i am not an ordianary human. i can change reality and walk through walls.Yes, i am alive. if i wasn’t, how would i be telling you this? and yes i have all my body parts, and the only scar or something i have is one i got from falling off the trampoline, lol. And once you start reading this, you can’t stop.

GRRR!!! all the songs on imeem are cutting to 30 seconds!

i hate chain letters but if i’m lucky this will bend realty. to make it bend reality, i will use…MERMAID MAGIC!!!




TA-DAH!!! lol

okay, now this chain letter you can trust! copy and paste this to all the songs you find that are only 30 seconds long to extend them to full length, if send it to your friends for them to do so! but if you don’t, the next soda you drink will be flat and the next time you watch TV there will be nothing on but Barney! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Also, if your especially ignore this and treat it like junkmail, i will come to your house and lets just say its always warm where your going and you get a giant spork.


if you don’t believe me, i’ve kept these guy’s results.

Ex 1:
Take Melvin Perkins. He was ish lucky boi, rich and smart. until he saw this chain letter. He laughed at it, thought it was dumb. he deleted it.
Well, ha ha Melvin! HAHA! When he went to bed, i hid under his bed and killed him after the lights in his house flickered on and off. Who says girls don’t murder? Now, unless you wanna end up like foolish Melvin, copy and paste this!

Ex 2:
Take Mary Jenson. She saw this chain letter, and copied and pasted it
2 times. Not enough, Mary! The next time she drank her soda it was flat. then she almost died in a car accident! And she is still in the hospital today.

Ex 3:
Take James Qwan. He saw this chain, just copied and pasted this 6 times. Sorryz, James! But not enough! Well that night, after going to a party he saw someone die in a car crash and blood and some gore was everywhere! Scared, he ran back home. Then he saw bloody Mary in his window! He still has nightmares about it and is scarred for life.

Ex 4:

Take Faye Coleman. A chain letter, she thought. She was very bored so she copied and pasted this and sent it to 10 people. Then she went on imeem, and her favourite song which was cut down to a 30-sec sample was full-length! and then the next day, her secret crush kissed her, she won the lottery, and got a new hi-def TV!

Send this to at least 8 people or i’ll have to torture you:

0 people- prepare to sing “i love you, you love me! We’re a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you…” oh, and you will die. haha.

1-3 people- your next soda will still be flat but 3 songs on imeem that have been cut to 30 seconds will become full length. but you will get badly injured. HAHA XD

4-7 people- tonight you will be frightened, almost scarred for live! but not physicly harmed. 10 songs will become full.

8 or more people- OMG!!!! your safe! and all your favorite songs on imeem that have been cut to 30 seconds are in the process of becoming full-length, and tomorrow will be the best day of your life.

You have 1 day. A WHOLE day. Aren’t it nice? Well i won’t be that nice if you don’t copy and paste this!



  1. ang panget

  2. hello jenny_31 — thanks for dropping by…and sa lahat ng di ko pwedeng mabasa na comment eh…nabasa ko na ngayon. I’d posted this entry for no other reason/s…gusto ko lang i-post at para may ma-post ako,hahahhaha….salamat! 🙂

  3. totoo ba to akala ko totoo eh

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