Tip #1 – The History of Snoopy

snoopy11.jpg The History of Snoopy

A favorite comic strip in America since 1950, I bring you the history of Peanuts. Debuting in seven papers on October 2nd of that year, for over 50 years Peanuts has delighted and entertained readers worldwide. This site contains Last Strips, Timeline, Charles Schulz Tribute, and Home of Charles Schulz.

In the Timeline section, find out how it all happened. See the first strip, the first time Lucy pulled away the football, and the appearance of all the other characters on this Timeline. At the Strip Library, you can find archived Peanuts strips. In the Last Strips section, see the farewell strips printed in weekday syndicate, and the last Sunday strip announcing Charles Schulz’s retirement in 2000.

The Charles Schulz Tribute section contains comics that other artists made to honor Charles Schulz and the Peanuts characters. There are a lot of funny tributes here in this section. I love the first one from Getting Fuzzy by Darby Conley. You can also check out the Home of Charles Schulz, a page dedicated to the Museum in Santa Rosa, CA (there’s a Snoopy labyrinth there), Snoopy’s Home Ice arena, and the Snoopy Gallery and Gift Shop.

The Meet the Gang section is where you can meet all the characters from Peanuts. From good old Charlie Brown to Re-run, they’re all there. It gives you a detailed look at each character’s personality, and some strips for you to enjoy that highlight that character’s charm.


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