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In this morning when I’m having my work, I had read some articles on-line regarding of featured Employment Issues. I was got an idea to read it then. First, it makes me quite interesting reading the article. It has the sense of reality, then I just put up in my mind that I will going to repost it then,so, be free to read this article from SunStar by By Rolo B. Cena,Pulpbits:

LATE this week, I received a resignation letter from one of my staff. A portion of which reads as follows: “While I appreciate your energy and effort in training me to become what I have become now, I could no longer bear the indifference of the management to us people in the rank and file.”I was shocked reading it; I thought it was just a straightforward statement of resignation.

I called for her in my office. As always my style, I would just ask an employee one question. I asked her this: What is it that you want to say before finally leaving?

She was in tears but did not cease from her talking. After almost an hour, I realized I can still make her change her mind. Her story is just as ordinary as her fear of losing the job so she decided to leave for another place, a place where she can find security of tenure. Don’t ever lie; this is all what we are looking for? Am I right?

The main reason why she is leaving is the low salary rate; the indifference is only secondary. Even if she tells me otherwise, I won’t believe her. In the Philippines and among Asian countries, money (salary) is the number motivator why people work. Perfect!

So I investigated. Later I learned she was offered by another company a rate higher by a thousand pesos than what we are giving her. After a serious talk, I was able to convince her to stay and gave her instantly an increase of the same amount. She was sold to the idea; she stayed.

Employers, we can’t blame our workers if they come out to look for better jobs. At one point, we need to examine why people from our organizations are moving out. In my own analysis, as a business executive, there are only three reasons why people are leaving their employers: low salary & benefit package, career move, and dissatisfaction with the management.

As an advocate of Organizational Change and Development, I strongly believe the management should focus on these three aspects. With the advent of multi-national business process outsourcing companies in the country today, people don’t hesitate to resign. Offers are getting better!

As what I was saying, money (or salary) in the Philippines and among Asian nations is the ultimate motivator to work. When this is satisfied, career path or career stability is looked into.

Great power comes with great responsibility. In the workplaces, money(salary) is power. The higher the salary the worker has, the higher the position; the higher the position the worker has, the greater the responsibility. Meaning, if one has a bigger salary, then he or she is now in the position with power. At this point, the worker may now consider this as a career, not just a job for him.

However, if the worker, even with great power or responsibility, becomes frustrated, the probability of losing him is high. This is now the problem the management has to consider seriously because, while there are a manifold number of applicants vying for just one post, this doesn’t mean the management can just throw the person out of the organization.

While the management can easily find the person based on curriculum vitae, finding the right man with the right attitude and somebody the management can trust is one in a million.

On the other hand, a worker can look at things this way: take everything as a challenge. Grow from there and the moment your resume can now speak of “demands” then leave.

The indifference mentioned earlier can be subjective; it is individualistic in nature. I may say the management is indifferent to me but the way others may interpret this indifference as “pushing me to the edge.” Meaning, as an employee, I was just challenged because the management has a plan for me.

Workers, the management does not allow its plan for an employee. The management observes employees. You cannot demand the management to train you become managers. It’s their prerogative.

Perspective! This is putting things in proper perspective. Workers should put things in proper perspective in the way as the management should. When this happens, a more productive employment and business shall be born.