Foreign Joke Part 1: Learn how to speak


let’s learn french……….
let’s start!

city – ce vou
drugs – sha vou
goodbye – va vou
caught in the act – na vou cou
feathers – valahe vou
unclear – ma la vou
sink – lah va vou
erap – vou vou

TURN – le coup
LITER – le true
BEHIND – le coud
ALMS – le mousse
FIVE – le ma
DISAPPEAR – le pad
CONFUSED – le tou
UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND – cou ma le wah


Wings of Dreams (Tsubasa:Chronicle of Wings)

Anime is a subset of animation, popularly originate from Japan. Anime is just like what cartoons are made, traditionally hand drawn, but like in most animation, it has its more computer assisted animation techniques have become quite common in recent years, because of its own uniqueness and originally delivered multimedia effects. I like watching it. More than that, I’m an anime fanatic!

Back when I was in late Grade School to my early High school years, I had my collections of pictures, stickers, pens, notebooks and cards of any kinds of anime characters. I simply liked to collect them with any interest. Usually, I keep it in an album and plastic folders. There I was remember the time that I usually go home early in school only to watch and I can’t allow to missed any episode of anime series on Tv. No doubt, Anime from Japan truly influenced me too much. From this, i want to share my one of many favorite anime series, the “Tsubasa: Chronicle of the Wings”. Just like any anime I’ve watched, I like the story and the characters. I wanna share the story’s theme songs, together with the summary of it.

The Japanese anime story “Tsubasa: Chronicle of the Wings” centered to the two main character who’s Sakura and Syaoran. Sakura is the princess of Clow kingdom, which is ruled by her older brother. Together with her childhood friend Syaoran is a young archaeologist. Sakura is revealed to have strange powers when she has a vision of a mysterious symbol and places she has never seen. Meanwhile, Syaoran discovers the same symbol at the ruins he is excavating. He sees Sakura standing on the symbol on the ground. Ghostly wings appear on her back and a mysterious force begins to pull her into the walls of the ruins. Syaoran rescues her in time, but her wings are scattered across dimensions. The High Priest of Clow Kingdom, Yukito, immediately realizes that Sakura’s “wings” were the manifestation of her soul and memories; without them, she will die. In order to save Sakura, Syaoran must journey to retrieve her wing’s feathers, the fragments of her memories. Yukito sends Syaoran and the unconscious Sakura to the Dimensional Witch. There he meets Kurogane, a rough-mannered ninja banished from his world by Princess Tomoyo, and Fai D. Flourite, a magician who fled his world to avoid King Ashura. Each of them must pay with what he values most in order to gain the power to cross dimensions. For Kurogane, it is his sword Ginryū, and for Fay, it is the tattoo on his back which regulates his control of his magic. Syaoran, on the other hand, must pay with his relationship with Sakura: even if he is able to retrieve all of her memories, she will never remember anything about him or their relationship. (This sacrifice also pays Sakura’s “toll” to Yūko, because what Sakura values most are her memories of and with Syaoran.) Only when the three agree to her terms does Yūko present them with the power to cross dimensions; a white creature named Mokona Modoki. While traversing through worlds to find Sakura’s feathers, the four travelers and Mokona are forced to overcome many dangers and opponents, some of whom are figures from Syaoran’s past who wish to collect Sakura’s feathers for their own reasons as they are seen to be objects that hold great power.

What do you think?…are you one of the fanatic?!?…

video source: You Tube….(Thank you)

Pinoy Jokes! part 2

  1. Question: anong kaibahan ng pulitiko sa magnanakaw? answer: ang PULITIKO tatakbo muna bago magnanakaw, samantalang ang Magnanakaw, magnanakaw muna saka tatakbo… NGEKKK
  2. use “ID” in a sentence?(use it)ang susunod sa Letter C “ID”……..haha.ha……
  3. Question: Anong parte ng katawan ang 70% isoprophyl alchohol?Ans: Dila Question: Baket? ans: kase “DILANG pampamilya, pang-isports pa”
  4. Question:anong sabe ng batang centepede sa tatay na centepede?!… (aNo?!)… A: “TAY BILI MO NAMAN AKO NG SAPATOS —-> Eh anOng sabi nung tatay don sa anak?!.. (aNo?!) A: tadyakan kita dyan eh..
  5. Q: anong country ang hip-hop? of course YEA-MEN (YEMEN)


Today is a special day for my loving sister Gemma. “Happy Birthday ‘te !!!!,,,pila na gani edad nimo?…(kalimot ko..eng!)”.

Although my sister is all the way from Aklan, I still not to forgot her birthday and be able to greet her via phone call. If I’m not mistaken, She’s six(6) years older than me…( sekreto nalang pila ako edad… 🙂 ). At her age right now, she had a happy family, Industrious and loving husband; and witty and very talkative kids. I missed my niece and nephew, regards to them.

All good lucks and best dreams to come through is my wish in your birthday.

To all who’s celebrating their birthdays today. “Happy Birthday!”

Wild Violet Specie



This is one of the rare and wild flower that you can see in the Philippines.

It is known by its exotic type of specie of flower.


“I’m not familiar with this type of flower, I don’t even know what’s the name of this, but it’s one thing is for sure; that I truly admire the beauty of this flower.”

Dray Bear

May apat na bear sa isang kotse…

Si Papa Bear, si Mama Bear, si Baby Bear…

Tanong: Sino ‘yung isang bear?

Sino pa kundi si… Dray Bear.