Today is Christmas

Christmas time! The whole world is rejoicing –or at least in this part of the world—celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ–our Savior, founder of Christianity that influenced people, generations by generations, and people claimed themselves as being His followers.

For there are tragedy, failures, disappointments and misfortunes that people encountered for the past years, still there is much to be thankful for in the past years that people received from the Most High–Jesus Christ. Our life is the greatest and most wonderful gift that We’ve ever received, a part of daily living, We should be thankful that once a day we can eat and drink and at least we can have our work in order to live and at least we can wake up again to see the morning shine and face another chapter of our lives.

In the middle of the storms, typhoons and trials that normally encounter in our country, somehow the people manage to survive and even thrive at their very most part in order to live.

While we share whatever blessings we have with our family, relatives and friends, let us also say a prayer for our community, our city and country as a whole that it may not fall further down to poverty and despair. That we be able to strive and survive every difficulty in life. That not only giving of gifts and presences be the centered of celebration of Christmas, but also giving of love to the person/s whom we loved and sympathy to the downcast and obsolete heart.

Let’s not forget that the true meaning of Christmas– is the union of Christ and his people, that He gave his only begotten son to save people from sins of the world, see John 3:16. In a picture of nativity, the birth of Christ signify a new hope, the people’s salvation and the creation of the birth of Jesus, described in two of the Gospels (Matthew and Luke). When Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be counted in a government census, they found that there was no room for them in the local inn. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a common stable and laid him in a manger (a feeding trough for livestock). Christians believe that Jesus’ birth fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies and was attended by miraculous events, such as a star above Bethlehem that drew local shepherds as well as the Wise Men, or Magi, from a distant land.

Happy Birthday Jesus….and Merry Christmas to all!!!!


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