Synopsis – “Coffee break”

After a few weeks had past, He finally make a call and send some text messages. I’d just don’t know what’s his intention after all. “What is He doing?, sige paramdam.”, shouted on my mind. I ignored his messages and calls, What for?.

A dramatic scene!

It happens that we’re at the coffee shop in school. It was before December that we had a very terrible fight. That’s why we decided to settle it then before it leads to any conflicts. I tried to be on a soft mood. I just want to let him see that I’m not affected to the possible situation we’re going to take. He is also in a lonesome voice when he talk. I’m okay…, I said. but even though I said it modestly, It makes me feel that I will regret it at the end. Then suddenly tears comes on my eyes, lots of tears that it almost difficult to wipe them out. We’re at the same track that instead of talking, we’re in silence. Very quiet that almost all the unnoticeable noise around you’d hear. After a couple of minutes, he quite glimpse on me. Relaxed and thinking something, that he quite figuring it out what is it. I’ve notice his eyes was pointing on me, so I look at him. He stare at me for so long, his eyes were moving, winking as if he don’t want to stare me straight.

Then I said, If you had no more to say, I’ll go then..”. Retrieving from my unconscious feeling of ache. I stand and get my purse on the side table. I almost a half back step when he speak. ” Can we see each other again?… “, his voice was in smooth tone. Had the eagerness to hear an agreeable response. I look at him and fetch my eyes to stare the cup of coffee, it was his. I look back on him and says, “Maybe… if we want to see each other again. “. I left him and even though I haven’t look back I can sense that he’s staring me then, standing and waiting my turn to reach the main door.

After that, we both haven’t get any communications from each other. No communications at all.

Then, for just a few weeks after the coffee shop conversation. It all began a second time around.

To be continued… πŸ™‚


Forever Friends Tag…bow


This ball of friendship was gone too far, rolling and still counting friends to be tagged.

I got it!

I had it first with Teacher Evs and now I got tagged with Miss Glenda. I knew them in the same company where I am working. Even though for not quite long of time that we’ve knew each other, still we have shared happy moments that we’re together. I had my some first time experienced since I knew them. “First time deliver… First time on the place of nowhere… First time weblog…First time!…”

I’m so happy that I have known you both and even the whole company and the family itself. At first, It is quite seldom to have friends with you guys but still all of you welcomed me as one of your family. What can I say?…”Thank you…and kamo na jud ang gipadala πŸ™‚ …”

I am pleased to pass this ball of friendship to get tagged to my other friends like Bebe and Denden.

Keep it rolling…

Tagged?–Here we go!

Link it then…

Start copying here…
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Got linked to :Β  Wiwit, Beverly Hills Haven, Youngmaze, Himantayon, Bebe, Miss Glenda and Den-Den.

I want to travel the Philippines–to Explore and Indulged!

As I get into school, I may say that I’ve learned the historical background of the Philippines ( Not much! πŸ™‚ ). As when I’m in my school years, almost all of the time I spent my daily routine at school and home. Ordinary life cycle from an ordinary person like me.

One day, there’s a thing that suddenly popped in my mind, “Wished I could travel the world… “. Huh! Quite funny right?…even the most influenced and Millionaire person/s for sure doesn’t yet traveled the whole world. How about me then?…ahhh…only in my dreams.

In such so many ways, there are so many things that I can be proud of — being a Filipino. Maybe, if I could be given a chance to travel then, I will first make a tour of the most wonderful travel destinations of my beloved country.

The Philippines has shared with its fascinating landscapes, active volcanoes, splendid beaches, coral waters, tropical forests and delicious recipes.

Philippines has brought pride in terms of its natural resources and beautiful scenery. The country’s fun-loving destination gives tourists an overview of popular spots to travel. That’s why I decided, if I will be traveling the world, I’ll travel first here in the Philippines. The most featured places that where most frequently visited in the country are:

–the capital city of Manila, The country’s heart and soul – which is known for its natural beauty picturesque of buildings and famous landmarks;

Boracay Beach, known from its white sand beach resort, I want to be pampered to the place wonderful sights, tropical fruits and delicacies;

Baguio – The summer capital of the Philippines, the City of Pines– it is nestled high in the Cordillera Mountain Range, trademark on its tempting cold temperature;

Bohol Island, Aside of being known by the beauty scenery Chocolate Hills, I like to explore the islands blue beaches and the famous Tarsiers in the nature build forest ;

Corregidor Island, The historical battle which the heroism of the Filipino as they defend the island to their Japanese allies and a tadpole shaped of the island looks amusing to me;

Cebu City, The oldest City, I like to take part with their festivals and entertinments, see the beautiful landmarks and even historical picturesque;

–the Islands of Palawan, I want to enjoy the pleasure of the islands beaches and explore the wonders of the wildlife creatures and the caves;

–the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan, I want to be entertained by the nice views and the fantastic site of islets that looks like popped in the sea water;

Puerto Galera Beach and Camiguin Beach Resorts, although I can’t swim but I really loved water…seeing the white sand and crystal blue water brings good condition to myself;

–the old Spanish colonial city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vigan in Ilocos Sur, The historical architectures I loved to see, others said that its a reflection of an Spanish Colonial. I want to prove it to myself then. πŸ™‚

–the breathtaking Banaue Rice Terraces, one of the natural man-made speculating site, I always heard this Banaue Rice Terraces when I’m in grade school, I want to see personally the true hardship of Ifugao that they’ve gained. If I’m not mistaken this place was preferably known as a “8 Wonders of the World“.

Davao City, Were I belong. Even though I was born and lived in this place, still I have a place that haven’t gone yet. I want to experience more than what I’ve experienced, the famous buildings and architectures, amusing beaches and resorts, yummy foods and delicious fruits (hope I can eat Durian! woh! ), fascinating sites and views, tropical weather and my favorite flowers ( yeah! );

Who’s coming with me?…

Rather than that, even if I will be going to many places in the world, I always wanted to go to the place where I can call home. πŸ™‚

“There’s no other place like home…”

My Alma Mater – ICC

For this time around I want to share a little bit of information regarding to myself. The picture below is the new building of the school where I studied and graduated. It happens that Bebe and her companions went to People’s Park to take some scroll and have some pictures also with the new opened park (it was opened to the public last December 2007 and it’s free…take note…it’s free… ). That’s why I asked Bebe a favor to take some pictures of the school, where just about the vicinity of the said Park. She said, “Okay, I will…”. ” Thanks Bebe… πŸ™‚ ”


Interface Computer College-Davao

This is the new building of the school. It was located at Palma Gil Street, Davao City, Philippines. The new building has a five leveled floor.

I studied for four(4) years Bachelor Degree and graduated in the said school. It has been opened almost a year ago. Its beautiful furnished building brings a nice structure in front of the PTA or newly-named People’s Park in Davao City. I’m proud to be a product of this School. Interface Computer College is one of the school here in Davao City that teaches computer related courses. The school has six(6) branches from Luzon to Mindanao, namely Manila , Caloocan, Cabanatuan, IloIlo, Cebu and Davao. It’s main branch was located at Manila.

I missed my classmates and colleagues batch SY- 2006. I hope that we’re going to see each other someday.

I’ll post another picture soon… πŸ™‚

A Death News

Early this morning as I browse the net to read some news and have it posted to our site. There’s one topic in common that gets my attention. The death of Heath Ledger, an Australian young actor who’ve known to the movie way back two years entitled “Brokeback Mountain“.

There is undetermined cause of death, yet the findings of the investigation leads to overdosed of pills and committed suicide. According to the news, he found unconscious on his bed at his apartment in NYC Tuesday. He was about to wake up by the housekeeper for his scheduled massage, notice not breathing and remain unresponsive that concluded the housekeeper that Heath was dead.


At the age of 28, he’s young then to die. A very promising actor who’d brought the entertainment industry a remarkable one.

Even my co-workers here in office can’t ever imagined the sudden death of Heath (hala ka oi…). We’ve known him more when he played a gay cowboy on the controversial film “Brokeback Mountain“. I haven’t known him very much in person but even though for a couple of years I’d saw his name on the net and read some articles about him. And I found some good and bad articles about him and finding it quite interesting things to be read.

Readers had a mixed critique about it. It was a shocking news that popping out on the net regarding on his death. It was an unexpected news to unexpected character. He will be fondly remembered. Condolence.

Hipo singing and dog dancing

When I first saw this video I was amazed. Really it is a nice and very entertaining one. I can’t believe how was the hipo do the singing and dog was dancing. Try to watch for you to convinced.