A Death News

Early this morning as I browse the net to read some news and have it posted to our site. There’s one topic in common that gets my attention. The death of Heath Ledger, an Australian young actor who’ve known to the movie way back two years entitled “Brokeback Mountain“.

There is undetermined cause of death, yet the findings of the investigation leads to overdosed of pills and committed suicide. According to the news, he found unconscious on his bed at his apartment in NYC Tuesday. He was about to wake up by the housekeeper for his scheduled massage, notice not breathing and remain unresponsive that concluded the housekeeper that Heath was dead.


At the age of 28, he’s young then to die. A very promising actor who’d brought the entertainment industry a remarkable one.

Even my co-workers here in office can’t ever imagined the sudden death of Heath (hala ka oi…). We’ve known him more when he played a gay cowboy on the controversial film “Brokeback Mountain“. I haven’t known him very much in person but even though for a couple of years I’d saw his name on the net and read some articles about him. And I found some good and bad articles about him and finding it quite interesting things to be read.

Readers had a mixed critique about it. It was a shocking news that popping out on the net regarding on his death. It was an unexpected news to unexpected character. He will be fondly remembered. Condolence.


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  1. What a very sad story…
    I used to like him when I watched his movie, “Brokeback Mountain” as you mentioned above. He was Jakes buddy who turned into lovers. 😥

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