Synopsis – “Love hurts”

This day went a very fine weather. It seems like it doesn’t make any difference in the other days that past by. It doesn’t make any difference that we’ve been together. I still remembered our last coffee that we’re together. The conversation that leads us to fall apart.

After the coffee session and had no communication for so long made my heart torn. I had this terrible feeling that if I can’t be able to fight it, in the end it’s only me who’ll regret it. Those passing nights seems so cold and restless. I almost slept with tears. Pathetic love is!

I arrived in school almost when our instructor came. I’d take a sit and prepare for long and boring discussions. It seems like I haven’t got any interest to listen. hayyy…

While walking together with my classmates to take our way to the entrance. One of my classmate, Arian noticed that I was not in the good mood. “Hey, what’s wrong?…it seems like your lonely…”, she said. I just smiled and decided not to talk. Although I wanted to be happy and act like there’s no any problem, still it’s difficult. There I realized that its really hard to show to everybody what you feel. Maybe, I’m just scared of letting them know what’s bothering on me.

Sometimes, I just lied to overshadow the tears. I hide the pain by smiling, I hide the tears from laughing and hide the sadness by telling lies. But still, even that I wanted to feel that I am filled with happiness without pretending, I still feel the pain inside.

The more I pretend and longing that I’m not affected to our situation, is the more I experienced more hurt. I lose a chance to express it evenly. It is truly hurts me a lot!

To be continued… 🙂


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