Why I Blog?

As I started blogging, I’ve enjoyed all the topics that I have been posted. For a beginner, It had been developed my knowledge on what is weblog (known as blog) means all to me. I have learned in some other way (though the nature of my work is similar to say a “blogger”). I read on those any blogs that caught my interest and in a little way I learned. It is an essential way on my side to become more open minded and be a professional in a way.

I’ve known lots of bloggers (one of them is my Boss) and joined lots of forums and communities on the blog world or should I say on the blogosphere, take some conversations and also to promote my blog and at the same time make friends through blogging.

For me, blogging gives me authority to publish myself — personally, like what I’ve been experienced, opinions or views in a certain issues or profound articles, my likes and don’t, hobbies etc. or simply do a topic even it’s not related to, just “whatever”. It’s simply anything under the sun.

I liked it when I read lots of comments (both positive and negative) in a certain topic that I’ve been posted. It means that there are people who’d read my article/s and simply they just found it interesting to read (*charing!*). Imagine?…for so many sites all over the world wide web, still… there’s some person/s who have got clicked my site, read and leave a comment afterwards. That’s one of my moderation why I post another topic again and again and again. I blog…blog..blog…because I just simply loved to read comment/s. ha!ha!ha!

As what I have known before, when I hear the term web log or Blog is just like a forum that is usually provide commentary or news of a certain issue/s. It published views, opinions, commentaries in particular and a professionalized way of journalism.

Looks like the Information Technology had come a long way. Many of todays individuals have their online journals. Everyone has its own concept on their professionalized and personalized online diary.

Why I blog?… I enjoyed it. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy blogging!



  1. Did you ever wonder why we hated to make those essays or book reviews in English or Pilipino subjects? And yet – now we take on blogging? I think one was a chore and this is pure freedom πŸ™‚

  2. Hello “kuya” Rommel- Absolutely!, I personally think that all of us wants to be heard.(that’s the thing we used bilingual or simply a standard language for others to understand, but in this day, we can change or simply divert the original language to our most convenient)..that all of us want others to witness our lives, views, opinions etc. as we blogged it. Although, in some other place that people will hate us in what we write or simply make fun of our stuffs…but ..all of this still is our freedom in the web and gives a window of opportunity to be ourselves.

  3. hmm… good post! gusto mo pa ng ilang tip? bisita ka kay Tita Lorelle (naks close! πŸ˜‰ ). Well may blog challenges din siya na you might want to take up, if and only if, you are up to the challenge.. nakanang… πŸ˜€ I agree kay Ka Rommel, it’s freedom delight!

  4. Ka Jim- thanks for dropping by…uhm…I agree…kayo ni “Kuya” Rommel ay tunay na mga “Henyo”…for sure kahit di ko kayo nakita ay malawak na ang inyong kaalaman sa world wide web…truly it is…yun lang…

    I will try the given link in my vacant time…busy lang masyado sa panahong ngayon… close pala kayo kayo ni “Tita Lorelle”, (pati ako naki-“Tita” na rin…)toinks…

    “Kuya” belongs to “Kuya” Rommel…

    “Ka” Jim… for now on…


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