In the midst of Sickness

Early morning when I felt not good. I had an headache and seems like feeling to have a fever. I feel hot and uncomfortable to take a shower to go to work. Oh! I’m sick.

I had this very terrible feeling when I got sick. Medicines, injections, those medical equipments were killing me. I hate those things.

I took some medicines to at least minimize the unnatural changes of my body temperature. I worked that day and seems like the medicine lessen the aches that I feel. Although I felt sleepy at work when I’m in front of the computer, still I got to managed to have my work in a proper way. That day ended seems a very hard, sick and tired and almost all of my heavenly body energy forces has thrown up to this worldly earth. Hahay…

I got fever that night and chilled for intense coldness. Even its difficult to chew those tablets, I took some medicines again to at least reduces the pain I felt. I vomited. Aahhh…crying…

That scenario happens in a series for quite few days. I got headache, quite fever or my stomach got pain that almost I vomited all the food I ate, had fever at night and chilled to death (that’s what I described it at that time…catastrophe!) and have some medicines…again!…and again in the morning I got up to have my work. It happens for a series of days, until I and Mom went to have a check up. It’s not good and a bad sign for a young and energetic person like me (“Bwahahahahhahah”). I have to rest for a week. I am cursed by the pain I felt. I’m down in the valley of my bed. Hoo!
It seems like the time ticks too fast, very minute, very second ticks so fast. I have to eat first before I take the medicines given by the doctor. Then, for a couple of time… I have to eat again and take my medicines…again!!!… I hated it!, but what more can I ask for?… I have to take those tablets for my own good. hooh!!!…

I do those eat, take medicine and vice versa for a week.

One thing that I like in this matter was, I be able to have enough rest and a proper sleep. I can eat those food I like to. Hahahah…

I had a terrible experienced this week. Very hostile. Having those tablets is very much worth fighting for. I have to cry first before having those dose of medicines. I’m a typical person who’s a very stubborn in taking medicine (very hard-headed..). Even my Mom can proved that…guarantee!!!. You have to encourage me first why I have to take the tablets ‘coz if I’m not convinced it will take a long period of time before I chew those things.

I had a week of enough rest and a week to missed my work. It comes in a short week in my natural working days. But since I got sick and had in bed, it seems like I had a long full year when I got up to bed. Exaggerating!

I’m glad that I’d get back to work now. No more medicines!..yehey!



  1. kaya naman pala wala kang blog ng ilang araw. o sige – sana magaling ka na 🙂 kita-kits sa blog na lang muna.

    cheers – nangangamusta lang.

  2. PBS Group- thank you for the warmth support… i’ll check my account every now and then…ty

    “Kuya” Rommel- yes, I got sick poh talaga..but I’m okay now…ready to work and to blog…

    cheers..mabuhay ang bagong galing sa sakit…thanks for the concern…very much appreciated..

    PS- I’ve bookmark your site so that I can manage to go through your page anytime… 😉

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