When I.T. works alone with patience

As I surfed the web, there are so many articles in connections to my favorite topics. For me, one way to enhance my skills is to have enough knowledge on a certain thing.

I found this rare thing on my email– a message. I’m kinda’ curious about it. It seems like this is the words that I’d encountered that seems it doesn’t want to be click (I guess so?…as far as I’m concerned). I just wondered why it is so happen to have this thing on my messages. It was emailed by one of my very good friend- an I.T. expert. In the message he indicated that it is a test of my patience and how to handle uncommon things or situation. I got puzzled on what he said. Totally…

So, out of my curiosity and to answer why is it labeled not to be click, I gave it a shot. I clicked it. After that, I learned my lesson. It is a test of patience, and better do it when you where bored. It is a matter on how you handle the pressure after you clicked, on what would be the next thing happens and how you will be able to terminate it. Beware! A friendly reminders: When it says don’t click…don’t click! Unless you want to experience the same thing I did. Peace…Good Luck!

Do not Click…



  1. haha. just as you said. “Patience”. IT ka rin pala :-). 50 alerts are so frustrating. hehe.

  2. πŸ™‚ I stopped it at F with a Task Manager kill. But still it managed to close all my Firefox sessions.

    Hey nice layout. Here’s an unsolicited tip. Do you know that you can center the calendar in your sidebar?

    Add these lines in your style.css
    #wp-calendar {
    margin: 0px auto;

  3. Mr.9- sshhh…”BSCS” ako…test of patience talaga and if di mo alam pa’no i-terminate…for sure..the next thing you will do is re-start your computer(ito ang ginawa ng kasama ko when they try it…hahahhahaha)…nabilang mo pala?…50 alerts ba yon?…for sure tinapos mo talaga hah…i did that also..

    “Kuya”Rommel- buti nalang nakapag-task manager ka…ako? na-try ko rin yan..pero walang nangyari..when I first opened it parang lahat ng terminate commands nagawa ko na…disabled kasi lahat, yong window lang na yon ang pwede mong ma-manage kaya “total destruction”!!!!, kainis nga…I finished it ’til end and on the next time around…na-challenge akong dapat ma-terminate ko ‘to…hahhahahahha…ang hirap din..all possible commands and kung nakakapag-salita lang ang keyboard..for sure…sasabihin nya “mainit na ang mga buttons ko…kahit ano gawin mo…di parin yan uubra..bwahahhahaha”…this is what IT is…and about the code you’ve given..andun na sa CSS eh..looks like yon na ang center nya…but i’ll try some alternative..thanks!

  4. placing a huge “don’t click” link is like waving a red flag in front of a bull… human nature will always triumph over the warnings! hahaha…

    and, yes, to answer the implied question – i clicked. obvious ba?

  5. Hi dr_clairebear- thanks for dropping by…truly you have a optimistic view…maybe, you’ve experienced the way we did?… πŸ˜‰ Salamat “Doc”

  6. thanks much, mam

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