Ready in preparation for the Holy week

Almost all places in the country gets a preparation on the Lenten Season. As the Ash Wednesday started, people have their different ways on how to celebrate the 40 days of the Lent Season, their different way on repentance, penitence and abstinence.

Others do go to church every Sunday, others do it daily and others do it often. Held a mass and after do a prayer and the rosary. This is the natural and common scenario in almost all of the church when the Lent Season come. Although we find this scenes in natural way as if we went to church but it is more religious observance. This substantial observance binds gravely.

The way of the cross (Also called Stations of the Cross) held on church is my favorite part at the end of the Eucharistic Ceremony. I find it so special because the 14 stations corresponds the different scenes in the Passion of Christ, represent a certain incident with a special form of devotion connected with such representations.

There are some religious beliefs in doing fasting and abstinence. Not to eat meat specially on Friday. The one daily meal only dry food, bread, salt, and vegetables were permitted, when one full meal could only be taken. We abstain from fish, meat, and from all things that come from flesh, as milk, cheese, and eggs.

I got my own way of preparation of the said Lent Season. Since I haven’t got my forehead signed cross on the Ash Wednesday, I still manage to have a personal remedy to have it then. I just pretend that I got it (Hahhahahhaha). The days of my penitence were observed under obligation throughout the Church in all Fridays and managed to go to church by Sunday.

Although many years had past by, having this old way celebration of the Lent Season still we have this religious manner to do such things. It is truly a part of the Catholic. It is a primitive practice associated with all this days. It is just where, when and what. It is where to reminisce on God’s what He has done to us, reflects on his sacrifices, whatever you may celebrate it, just keep time to remember Jesus all the things He was done. He gave His life to save us and have faith that He will come again.


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