The encountered visit with God

It is a cold winter and almost all the views outside the windows turns white.

This morning when I woke up to bed, I find my way immediately to the kitchen. I haven’t ate dinner last night due to lots of work. I also went home late. I’m starving and I felt so tired.

As I prepare my food, I forgot to get the bottled milk outside. I had this indulgence of milk, that is why I had this delivery every morning to have my breakfast. I open the door and get the bottled milk on a tray. I noticed something. It has a paper clipped on it. I was quite confused. I paid for a month delivery then why they gave a payment receipt. I get it to check what it is. I think I was assumed that it is a receipt. It’s a letter and there’s a message on it. I read.

To my wonderful daughter,

I’m too surprised that you worked so hard this past few days. I’m just wondering if you don’t mind if I’ll see you tonight and both have dinner in your house. I’ll be going there before six o’clock in the evening. A bread will be fine for me.

Your Father,


What? I’m surprised. God will have a visit on me. I can’t wait to see him. After that, I’d take a house cleaning operation. I want it clean when God visits. By afternoon, I went to the grocery to brought some food. I brought two pieces of bread, for me and for God. For sure He totally love this bread.

As I headed home, I take a glimpse on my watch. It’s an hour before God to come. I walk fast home and wanted to prepare the food on time. Then, out of knowing, two couple of beggars blocked my way. They’re begging some food. “My child, help this old beggar. Me and my wife haven’t eat yet since yesterday. We’re extremely hungry and can’t find way for food. I get pity on the couple. Their body is too thin and weak. I doubted to give them the breads I brought. It’s for the God who’s I wanted to offer. I think that I can have some cookies and soup when God comes home. “Here Father, get these breads and share it with your wife”. The old man says “Thank you” and after that they started to walk having those breads. I noticed his wife where clothes is silk and had some stitches on the edges. I wondered how it could warm her having those ragging clothes. It’s too cold and at any time the snow will fall. I take off my robe. Wait! Woman, have this clothes wore and hope it will warm you at the rest of this winter”. The woman had a teary eyes expressing her gratitude. Towards helping them, I’m happy to see both of them in a great condition. I feel I am warmth enough even I don’t have the robe. The air breezes a cold wind but seems unnoticeable.

I run fast way back home. I have to prepare something when God is home. I reached the doorway, I noticed a tray of bottled milk. I was surprised. Looks like the delivery boy made a delivery twice on my house. I took it and notice a paper. Oh! not again. A receipt for a second time around. I read it and it says:
My daughter,

Thank you for the wonderful meal. I really loved the bread you offered. The robe was so warm and I felt good. I hope we can have it next time. Don’t forget to drink the milk I gave. I’m always here.

Your Father,


Suddenly my tears fall. I had a brief look on my watch. It’s six o’clock. I haven’t get the idea of the things I encountered today. It is a grateful visit of God. I sleep peacefully and guarded. I feel God on me. I felt the warmth presence of the night.


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