Worrying on my eyes

Yesterday, I accompanied my office mate at the mall to have her eye check-up and to have her new glasses also, and as we are on our way, she told me that she wants to wear contact lenses than she commonly used eyeglasses. I agreed with her, because from the time that I worked in the office until now, I simply noticed all of the time that she is wearing glasses on the office. I guess she couldn’t wear it the time when she sleeps. Hay…She tell me her story about her soaring eye problem.

Ever since when she was young, she had the first symptom on her eyes. It blinks seldom and she feels as it is soring. Her mother doesn’t take it seriously and even she, it has been in that mode until she had school in college. And a couple of years then, when she graduated and moved to her Aunt to have a work, suddenly all necessary signs to have an eye problem where she has been experienced. In a good way, her Aunt brought her to the eye specialist and gave her glasses to wear too. She makes some discouraging thoughts sometimes why she haven’t take the soring of her eyes seriously, maybe in an earlier stage of the symptoms it will not get too worse as what it is now. Her poor eyesight lead to have a bad eye grades. As she checked her eyes were soaring its grade higher than the usual it has.

As I observed her, on her check-up there’s a thing on my mind blowing. What if I had been experienced her difficulties on wearing glasses for almost all of the time?…no way, and just remove it when I sleep?…I totally can’t handle it. I almost used my eyes every time, even at work! I had almost on my computer for 8-10 hours a day and simply I had a bad feeling that if I will continue this kind of stuff in a no longer period of time my eyes will gets off its limitation also. God! I can’t really imagined myself wearing those glasses.

I’m simply discovering myself what would be my looks having those eyeglasses on.

im wearing eyeglasses


Face Down

Three Things

There are three things in life that a human being live in this challenging world. Three thing to discover. Three things to learn. Three things to explore.

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back :

1.)Time – As life goes on, every single minute counts. It is just like the sayings “Time is gold”. Value the time as it is important because for every time you spend has its worth and can not change the things that you have done.

2.)Words – The most influential and strong vocal language. Once you say a word/s, whatever it is make a meaning. Though it is nice word/s or not simply it reflects the meaning on what you have been said. Some times, we can easily say bad word/s which is not appropriate to be said. Once you utter a words you can’t be able to have it back.

3.)Opportunity Opportunity comes only once. As what I usually heard, “If opportunity comes,grab it!”. You can’t be able to have an opportunity again and again. Whether you decide to have it or not, the thing is it will not be coming back again.

Three things in life that are most valuable:

1.)Love – It is considered as the most precious thing on earth. A worth thing for a human being have. It is a powerful and wonderful one.

2.)Self-confidence – Having a self-esteem makes a human being live in a world of competency and perseverance. It is the valuable thing for a human to interact with the things and the like.

3.)Friends – Every person has its own friend/s. Even a mother would find a friend on her daughter/son and vice versa. This is one of the most valuable thing that one’s lost, it would be too hard to find again.

Three things in life that are never certain:

1.)Dreams – For we are dreaming in the reality and hopes that reality would only be a dream.

2.)Success A specific but unspecified degree for all humans to attained. All being want to achieved its goals and grabbed the highest peak of desire.

3.)Fortune Unpredictably that determines events and issues favorably or unfavorably.

Three things that make a man/woman:

1.)Hard work – If man/woman had a work and can live a life independently, he/she makes a man/woman on his/her own.

2.)Sincerity – Freedom from hypocrisy and finding ones self on a honest state of mind.

3.)Commitment – An engagement of any aspects of obligation that determines a man/woman legislative enough on something he/she pledges.

Three things in life that can destroy a man/woman:

1.)Alcohol – Drugs and any kinds of alcoholic drinks may ruined a man/woman’s life. Though in any reasons it may takes.

2.)Pride – There’s a part of challenging life that pride and ego may destroy a man/woman’s relationships towards his/her family, friends or even lovers. An exaggerated sense of self-importance towards ones self may destroy human against his/her relationship towards like.

3.)Anger – Easy anger may reflects the relationship of a man/woman towards others. It seems that we easily get mad and hard to forgive.

Three things in life that, once lost, hard to build-up:

1.)Respect – An expression of respect is very rampant yet bulgar. That ones lost, it may difficult to build up again.

2.)Trust – A relationship of reliance towards being.

3.)Friendship – A important attachment that ones break will bring two or more parties separated.

Summer Escapade

“Summer is here!”

The hot summer feels a person to indulge ones self in a cool and nice place. Having a long hot summer makes a human in all ages look for fun and have a time of enjoyment on themselves. Aside that it was a vacation for almost all the students out there. It is a nice weather for relaxation to all. Whether you’re working or not, ladies or gents, everyone can celebrate summer on the way they want.

There are too many things to celebrate summer. You can be able to choose whatever you want to have just to enjoy yourself. Summer was the perfect weather to unwind. Most and commonly done at the beach. For more people all over the world likes to be in the beach even if it is summer or not! It is just like people had an intimate indulgence with the sea. The cool blue water, white sand, best tropical drinks, world class summer delicacies will bring a perfect summer for everyone.

Perhaps I would have my summer adventure with a walk on a nice and white sand beach. Do my favorite fruit salad, halo-halo and share it with my family and friends. Add some peanuts and unlimited talks, that would be more fun. Walking on the seashore late in the afternoon and pick some nice formed shells would be interesting. By the sunset, relax myself lying on comfy beach bed seeing the sun with its spectacular color as its sets. Wonderful! Celebrating summer is a very adventurous experience. Dealing with people, environment, food and absolute stress free makes it worthwhile for a summer getaway!

Simply I have so many things to do this summer. Having at the beach is my top priority. I can’t experience the summer if I can’t be able to go through the blue salty water. Although I have my work still I don’t have any reasons to locked myself on and just let past the summer. It’s summer! I should enjoy this and make myself a little refreshment.

Enjoy your summer!

Sister Aritmetik and Sister Logikal

Sister Aritmetik and Sister Logical were together on there way home late in that evening…

Sister Aritmetik: Sister, there’s a man following us.
Sister Logikal: Yeah, we better run before he could follow us.
Sister Aritmetik: According to my calculations, even though we run as fast as we can, he can follow within 11 minutes.
Sister Logikal: It’s Logical! We better hurry.

(They both walk faster and faster)

Sister Aritmetik: He is still following us! According to my calculations, he can follow us within 6 minutes.
Sister Logikal: It’s Logical! We better separate our way back home.

(They both separated their ways. The man followed Sister Logikal, on the other side Sister Aritmetik got herself home but she was worried on her Sister Logikal, she call her up…)

Sister Aritmetik: The man followed you. What happened?
Sister Logikal: When I’m on my way home, he’s still following me.
Sister Aritmetik: Oh my God! What happened?
Sister Logikal: It’s Logical! I pulled my dress up and he pulled his pants down.
Sister Aritmetik: Then?What happened? (she felt nervous when she said)
Sister Logikal: It’s Logical! I ran! The man pulled down his pants and logically he can’t be able to run easily so I’d be able to get away from him! I totally escape on that man! Whew! (…Akala niyo green noh?)

The price of rice is high

For this past few weeks, almost all headlines, reports and news on TV, radio or newspapers tackled the so called shortage of rice. Not even here in the Philippines but also to the other country. A more variety of reasons why our government concluded that there is a lack of rice, one is due to high level of demand from the consumers and the bad weather condition.


The local farmers did not produce as much rice as what they have in the past common harvest because they could no longer handle the high costs of the basic inputs like fertilizers, which should be subsidized by the government but the thing is they couldn’t, because they wanted to help the businessmen and other personal matters rather than the poor farmers. Just what they commonly says that they doing this in order for the country’s improvement in progression on the nation’s economy. Is this what they call progress?

Higher prices of food, particularly rice, caused inflation to accelerate to more than Php40 per kilo. Wheats, corn are also in a higher percentage to increase its demand and price. Meats and other basic foods will be going to take a risk to increase if it continues. People may suffer and suddenly will get their most alternative way to find for food to eat.

Even when we are going to say that there is no panic buying of such basic commodities, but later on when the trend continues, people will start on panic buying and hoard basic necessities. Maybe our government had its solutions to at least minimize the problem. It would a big challenge to the people and to the administration to solve this kind of problem.

Happy is sad?


We had this cuddly and cute dog when my sister and her family decided to live at Aklan. They decided to left “Happy” with us. It is a very lazy dog. I take a walked with him by Sundays. We snoops the vicinity of our house and almost went to neighbors just to give him a walking exercise. I had a great time having fun with him and with our other dogs at home. He is the breed of dog whose different from others, he is the only Japanese spitz in the family. Shalan ever!

“Happy” and the rest of the gang relieves all my tiredness on work. “Happy” have this attitude that he’d to wait for me after a long day of work. He is surprisingly take his post on our cottage few meters in our house. That was where he usually take a nap and his waiting shed when someone coming. A truly security guard on our residence.

Last few days, I took some pictures together with our other dogs and seems like this picture puzzled me a lot. He is sad on this shot. I just wondred why? I tried to look at it to be sure if “Happy” doesn’t feel something better. My mom said, he is sad because someone he knew was left him behind. He is lonely because my sister together with her family left him? Huhuhuhu…how sad…