Total Quality Education between Private and Public Schools

Education is a privilege, no matter what school you’re going to, if you had the fate to finished, you’d be able to finished at any cause.“, that was the description as my Aunt Rose during with their conversation with my mom. They had this topic ever since when my younger brother got in school.

I just wondered why they keep this topic all over again. From the time where my brother attended in high school and until this present they have this topic. I sat near to them and listened to their conversation. I found out that they were evaluating school from private to public. They had weighing things that’s different from the two school.

Private schools had a very good quality of facilities. Students and as well as the teachers may used computer equipments, books and references where in great quality. They had air-conditioned classrooms and well-maintained clean surroundings. Whereas public schools had a limited computer equipments. Not all students and teachers can used the computers. Some school where there computers are intended to school processing of reports and necessary record printouts. Some public school had wall fans to at least minimized the intense heat that what students and teacher feels during classes. Public schools had a limited supply of books, although our government agencies had gone to manipulate the problem but still had a lack of budget of it. And besides not all public schools can be able to manage with our government agencies and accommodate all necessary needs with the school. Other public schools where haven’t all of these, no computers, no formal notes and books, no proper classrooms. “I remembered my mom said when she was still studying they have their lectures underneath on a big tree in their school, where supposed to be their classroom for almost a year.”

They’d come up for that evaluation. They keep on a cycle on that thing. I just don’t know why they like this topic ever since. The difference between the past education was far behind from todays evolution. My mom always says that lucky are we that we had finished our study, because in their time? they almost got sacrifice all of their wealth. They have to take a walk for almost 10kms back and forth everyday only to go to school. Maybe they simply like to keep comparing the times that they had in school and todays generation.

It seems that they totally valued the things and aspects of a school in order to a person to learn and improve ones self. It was maybe a far different from their time but actually it had only one aspect that both the past and the present had in the same. Although the aspect of teaching, facilities and equipment are changing, whether it is private or public school still the main aspect was for us to learn and be more knowledgeable enough in order for us to prepare ourselves to live better in todays and to the future.


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