The price of rice is high

For this past few weeks, almost all headlines, reports and news on TV, radio or newspapers tackled the so called shortage of rice. Not even here in the Philippines but also to the other country. A more variety of reasons why our government concluded that there is a lack of rice, one is due to high level of demand from the consumers and the bad weather condition.


The local farmers did not produce as much rice as what they have in the past common harvest because they could no longer handle the high costs of the basic inputs like fertilizers, which should be subsidized by the government but the thing is they couldn’t, because they wanted to help the businessmen and other personal matters rather than the poor farmers. Just what they commonly says that they doing this in order for the country’s improvement in progression on the nation’s economy. Is this what they call progress?

Higher prices of food, particularly rice, caused inflation to accelerate to more than Php40 per kilo. Wheats, corn are also in a higher percentage to increase its demand and price. Meats and other basic foods will be going to take a risk to increase if it continues. People may suffer and suddenly will get their most alternative way to find for food to eat.

Even when we are going to say that there is no panic buying of such basic commodities, but later on when the trend continues, people will start on panic buying and hoard basic necessities. Maybe our government had its solutions to at least minimize the problem. It would a big challenge to the people and to the administration to solve this kind of problem.



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  2. hirap no? but i don’t want to point on anyone for this case. progress is always what we all wanted. so basically, what’s happening now is everyone’s fault din. lahat may contribution sa kung anong meron ngayon. i guess the best thing we can do is pray.

  3. Minsan kasi…we can easily blamed mass destruction effect, graft and corruption, crimes, fires, bad climate and terrorism where all of this naman eh tayo lang din ang may gawa….hindi naman siguro ang terrorismo ang pangunahing dahilan…ito ay kundi tayo mismo…mahirap tanggapin pero ang dapat lang siguro nating gawin eh ang maging matatag and at least naman mag-isa…bow…

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