Summer Escapade

“Summer is here!”

The hot summer feels a person to indulge ones self in a cool and nice place. Having a long hot summer makes a human in all ages look for fun and have a time of enjoyment on themselves. Aside that it was a vacation for almost all the students out there. It is a nice weather for relaxation to all. Whether you’re working or not, ladies or gents, everyone can celebrate summer on the way they want.

There are too many things to celebrate summer. You can be able to choose whatever you want to have just to enjoy yourself. Summer was the perfect weather to unwind. Most and commonly done at the beach. For more people all over the world likes to be in the beach even if it is summer or not! It is just like people had an intimate indulgence with the sea. The cool blue water, white sand, best tropical drinks, world class summer delicacies will bring a perfect summer for everyone.

Perhaps I would have my summer adventure with a walk on a nice and white sand beach. Do my favorite fruit salad, halo-halo and share it with my family and friends. Add some peanuts and unlimited talks, that would be more fun. Walking on the seashore late in the afternoon and pick some nice formed shells would be interesting. By the sunset, relax myself lying on comfy beach bed seeing the sun with its spectacular color as its sets. Wonderful! Celebrating summer is a very adventurous experience. Dealing with people, environment, food and absolute stress free makes it worthwhile for a summer getaway!

Simply I have so many things to do this summer. Having at the beach is my top priority. I can’t experience the summer if I can’t be able to go through the blue salty water. Although I have my work still I don’t have any reasons to locked myself on and just let past the summer. It’s summer! I should enjoy this and make myself a little refreshment.

Enjoy your summer!



  1. wow – tigas ng bagong theme mo 🙂 I have not forgotten you – just been busy lately. Besides as you head into summer – we’re having gloomy days of fall.

  2. Hi “Kuya” grabe naman sa tigas!..parang sinimento….para ma-iba naman. Thanks for dropping…yes..Total summer effect nga dito…. ang iniiiiiiiiiiit!

  3. Halo, nice article you have there, sorry for getting the first 2 stanza without your permission but im kinda in a hurry to make one for me, i’ve included it in a TM invitation, of course I place the link of this article as the source so still all credits to you.

  4. By the way here’s the link of an image that is part of the invitation wherein I included your article
    (TM means ToastMaster i forgot to mention this.)

  5. Thanks for choosing my article as one of your message in the invitation. In return, I posted it on my sidebar to give a credit also to your site. I appreciated it. 😉

    by the way, i’m just wondering how TM works?..

  6. I think this will give you more info about TM.

  7. are you working in TM?…or a registered member?…what’s the connection of pictures and invitation in TM?…

  8. a naruto fan? hehe…can you add my link ate? tnx.i’ll do the same thing. ^_^

  9. Hello jenver,
    Thanks for dropping in. Basically, i can’t hardly tell that I’m a NARUTO fan, I just found that since I had my penname Sakura, I surfed some pictures and found this pic more beautiful and appropriate on my personality, that is why I choose this one. I have also in my collections page the different images of cartoon character named Sakura…

    By the way, Taga-Davao pud ko…..okay…i’ll add you then…thanks!

  10. Hi Jan- planning to have an overnight.somewhere. For nearly 7 years wala naku naka swimming. Hay kanus-a kaya ni mahitabo…

  11. Hello Ms Glen- Yes!…if we have time and nothing to worry about anything I guess we can have that overnight as what you have said…”Pag-gusto maraming paraan, Pag-ayaw maraming dahilan”…hulat nalang ta ani when that time comes… 🙂

  12. I’m a member, i make invites for TM, that will be use in our months topic, summer escapades.

  13. uhmm..thanks underdogjr….

    hope you can send me some of your invites! the good ones…. ;=)


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