Three Things

There are three things in life that a human being live in this challenging world. Three thing to discover. Three things to learn. Three things to explore.

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back :

1.)Time – As life goes on, every single minute counts. It is just like the sayings “Time is gold”. Value the time as it is important because for every time you spend has its worth and can not change the things that you have done.

2.)Words – The most influential and strong vocal language. Once you say a word/s, whatever it is make a meaning. Though it is nice word/s or not simply it reflects the meaning on what you have been said. Some times, we can easily say bad word/s which is not appropriate to be said. Once you utter a words you can’t be able to have it back.

3.)Opportunity Opportunity comes only once. As what I usually heard, “If opportunity comes,grab it!”. You can’t be able to have an opportunity again and again. Whether you decide to have it or not, the thing is it will not be coming back again.

Three things in life that are most valuable:

1.)Love – It is considered as the most precious thing on earth. A worth thing for a human being have. It is a powerful and wonderful one.

2.)Self-confidence – Having a self-esteem makes a human being live in a world of competency and perseverance. It is the valuable thing for a human to interact with the things and the like.

3.)Friends – Every person has its own friend/s. Even a mother would find a friend on her daughter/son and vice versa. This is one of the most valuable thing that one’s lost, it would be too hard to find again.

Three things in life that are never certain:

1.)Dreams – For we are dreaming in the reality and hopes that reality would only be a dream.

2.)Success A specific but unspecified degree for all humans to attained. All being want to achieved its goals and grabbed the highest peak of desire.

3.)Fortune Unpredictably that determines events and issues favorably or unfavorably.

Three things that make a man/woman:

1.)Hard work – If man/woman had a work and can live a life independently, he/she makes a man/woman on his/her own.

2.)Sincerity – Freedom from hypocrisy and finding ones self on a honest state of mind.

3.)Commitment – An engagement of any aspects of obligation that determines a man/woman legislative enough on something he/she pledges.

Three things in life that can destroy a man/woman:

1.)Alcohol – Drugs and any kinds of alcoholic drinks may ruined a man/woman’s life. Though in any reasons it may takes.

2.)Pride – There’s a part of challenging life that pride and ego may destroy a man/woman’s relationships towards his/her family, friends or even lovers. An exaggerated sense of self-importance towards ones self may destroy human against his/her relationship towards like.

3.)Anger – Easy anger may reflects the relationship of a man/woman towards others. It seems that we easily get mad and hard to forgive.

Three things in life that, once lost, hard to build-up:

1.)Respect – An expression of respect is very rampant yet bulgar. That ones lost, it may difficult to build up again.

2.)Trust – A relationship of reliance towards being.

3.)Friendship – A important attachment that ones break will bring two or more parties separated.



  1. 3 days in life: yesterday , today and tommorrow… hehehe 🙂 nice post ms.Jhan ..Life really has a lot of list…:)

  2. Hello Ms. Wiwit, yes!…thanks for dropping in …. ;=)

  3. Ang tindi 🙂

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