No Idea

For the past few weeks, I keep my life busy doing things which is not commonly I used to. I woke up early than 8 o’clock in the morning and do some household chores. And by lunch time, I certainly manage to cook or assist my Mom on our food for lunch, do the laundry, house cleaning etcetera and so on by the dinner. As I do those things, it makes me feel that it isn’t easy to stay in house and do the chores. Although the chores is commonly repeated by day by day but then it is too difficult to manage.

I have no idea how my mother do all the chores all by herself. Maybe she keep herself busy that is why almost all unnecessary things which is not intended to do she probably do it.

So as I, eventhough I have my work at night, still I manage to help and be able to learn on the things which I haven’t necessarily stick into. Doing those household chores makes a lot of sweat but fun. More sweaty because of the tirely things you haven’t usually do, sweep the floor, do dish washing, watering plants, do the laundry, cooking and etcetera, makes all your sweat glands bleeds into. Fun! because I have my Mom who’s catering me what to do and it is a big help for me.

I have no idea that in a single period of time, I do learned those things. I salute my Mom on that! She made herself a good model to me.

That’s the thing why I haven’t do some entry on my blog in this case. Aside that I wasn’t be able to work with my other job, which I was commonly online. I keep myself busy in my teaching career and trying to seek some good and better job to be work on.

I have no idea where I begin…


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