Too many questions

Which is which? Fight for your love? or set them free?

Which is right? forgive then forget? or forget then forgive?

What is really right? I love you because I need you? or I need you because I love you?

To see is to believe or believe to see it?

More importantly, love for a reason? or love is the reason?

Actions speaks louder than words but still word hurts more than action…

Those were the questions I frequently encounter during all of my conversations with my friends. We had a lot of views when we come up with all of this topic. Agree some, disagree some, changing views, debate for a long period of time and still at the end of everything is that all of us comes up with respective thoughts which we basically respects.

We have more views in order to express our thoughts in regards to the topics stated but then in typical ending. Everyone has a freedom to express their thoughts and views, and by that all of us should respect other thoughts.

In the end, still the questions will remain a question.



  1. you can add this one also…

    “which one came first the egg or the chicken?” 🙂

  2. the answers to those questions depend on the situation… pero you are right. sometimes things are left unanswered despite of the effort given to substantiate anything. gusto ko rin yang tanong ni vhincent… kahit taon idiscuss yan, malamang hindi pa rin masosolve yan… hehehe

  3. they will always be questions because in reality, truth is relative. we only pick one that works for us.

  4. uhuh…nice one!…thanks for dropping by…i missed your comments…salamat po… 🙂

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