In good times, In bad times

Oftentimes, the difference between a happy person and someone who is not, where they often get how they handle their moods. The happy person isn’t always happy. In some different ways, a happy person has it all to have their fair share of what they feel.

When I am in my quite and relaxed mood, I’ve find something grateful, that I can manage both good and bad times that comes on my way. I perhaps understand that those good and bad moods I’m going through has a life balance, that life’s may come and go, so as people also.

Even when I’m experiencing negative thoughts and bad feelings, I come up on my mind that there will come a time that I able to experience the opposite way. That I will be able to be happy.

For me, as a fair person, it is the way things are. That when we feel angry, stressed, disappointed and low moods, we relate and handle the situation with open-mindedness and understanding. That instead of fighting the feeling, we have this grateful acceptance on those things. That, it is only a trials that we should surpass on. That rather than feeling it in a worst way, we be able to know that someone also is whom gets low from time to time. We take our feelings more comfortable as it may be.

A unhappy person most have it in another way around. Sometimes, when we feel down and low, we take things seriously. We overworked, take ourselves busy in somethings, trying to force ourselves out of the low moods which tends to make things more complicated rather than finding ways to solve it.

Each one of us has a different ways on how to deal with our feelings. Me? By the next time that I feel bad, rather than fight, it is easy to try how to be patient and relax. It is easy to feel more calm and don’t fight those bad feeling inside, try to figure it out and solve it then. Time will come it will pass away.



  1. that is true… we all have ways in coping up…

  2. yin and yang of life? as they say there’s always a purpose in everything. always look at the other side of the coin.

  3. this is so true. each person has a different way of coping. i believe in positivity though, and in karma; good things happen to good people, and it happens if you really want it to πŸ˜‰

  4. To ifoundme- exactly, we have our own ways on coping up things that we encountered or to be. πŸ™‚

    To vhincent- yin and yang/…uhmm, kinda’ …some way we can call it mind over matter. hahhahha…. πŸ˜‰

    To caryn- correct! nice one…a very well said then…i guess we have on the same track…:)

    Thank you guys, I really appreciated those wonderful and informative comments…TY

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