Dada and Mamu: They just married

I’m so happy that finally they’ve tied their knot and joined as one. For several years I’ve been on their side and witnessed their love story; from the first time that they finally known each other, their happy moments that they were both together, their problems in critiques and misconceptions on the eye’s of the malicious people, those highs and lows has come to an end.

I’ve been on their wedding ceremony last Wednesday. The wedding of the two persons on earth who’d treated me as their daughter as like I’m their own. I’m so grateful that at last, for quite years they’ve decided to get married.

Dada was my beloved friend in all terms,

father in all aspects,teacher in all subjects

(Hahaha, He’s my instructor that turned a friend and later build an imaginary family),

adviser in all problems and troubles, commentator on my attitude and doings,

woh! What more can I ask for a friend.

He was the one understands me in my deepest behavior

(He was one of the people understand that I’m truly born on the Month of February!).

Through thick and thin, he was there at my side.

Mamu was my charming and kind teacher of all matters.

A likely mother who’d gave assistance and care to her daughter.

She was the one who’d understand

almost all matters that I’ve encountered in.

She was one of the best people that I like to be with.

When I was observing the wedding ceremony, I concluded that it was a wonderful ceremony ever. For I was attended few wedding ceremony with family friends and relatives, this is not the usual ceremony just like others. Aside that I got some time to get in the church where they held their wedding, it’s a very special and memorable for me, because both Dada and Mamu share their special occasion in life with me.

From the moment that I’ve entered to the church, I’ve said to myself that this is one of the wonderful weddings to be held in here. Those smiles in all the persons inside where keep on going until the mass has ended. From the church where the mass was made to the reception is a very terrific series of wedding occasion. I guess, Dada and Mamu want to have a simple and yet memorable wedding occasion that surely the guests, family, friends and relatives will treasure. I absolutely will treasure it!

Finally, the words have made its action. I’m so happy for this couple whom is very important in my life. I really wished them good lucks and best wishes for their life.

To Dada and Mamu: Congratulations! I’m so grateful that I have friends like you two. It is a pleasure that you both share your important occasion together with me. I’m happy that you both acted as parents to me in all times. Best wishes in your wedding and as you build a family. Wish you maximum happiness in life. I’m always on your back. I will always be the Anak that you’ve both known. I love you both. Thank you! God Bless! 🙂


Lets get physical

Last few days, I’ve joined to my siblings to get in to morning habit. What is it?…well, sort of physical awareness. So, I decided to join their jogging session early in the morning.

My mom said that it is okay to gain weight because naturally I’m eating and haven’t got any pressure just like when I’m in school (Hahaha! My

mom was the best!). She finds that I got a low stamina and find myself easy to get tired.

And it is impossible for me to take a 5 km.jog. I said to her that I will take a walk instead of jogging (alibi,just to experience jogging in dawn ).

I prepared my clothes to be worn on. I decided not to bring bottle of water, it would be a problem on the street then, I will surely find myself to the nearest Comfort Room, if there is any. For sure, my brother will bring water; I will make a favor if I can drink some of then whenever I get thirsty. Solve!

Wow! Our destination was from our house to the People’s Park. First lap of walking-jogging session, quite nice but I feel sleepy than doings those things. I enjoyed walking-jogging thing, aside that I find myself happy on what I have been doing, I was amazed that were not only the people do the jogging early in the morning. We have some companion which we only knew on the streets. Some were old man, some were parents together with their dogs, some were just like Manny Pacquiao image, do the air punches and whatsoever tricks, I like to stare on what they doing, take some pictures than I will get myself in the middle of tiredness.

The nice thing that I really appreciated was when we get in to our finished line. For me, it is like an achievement. The final examination, just like I have passed on my Thesis when I’m in School, just like when I passed on my job interview, and finally I had work. I’ve made it!

We have some pictures on our way to the final destination. I had a great time and a wonderful experience in jogging together with my siblings and to the people who’ve we met on the streets. I will surely want to have it done again, but maybe, in some way around.

My sibling said that they were planning to take a jog from house all the way to Jack’s Ridge Hilltop. “I will have a work tomorrow…maybe in some other time.” I said (An Alibi, just to give a reason that I will not commit myself  to do it again.).

Be Flexible in your Life as what I did

There are countless examples for us when suddenly our work of life runs oppositely as what we thought it was going to take place. There are some sudden changes which we have certainly encounter, something unexpected things come on and over and over again.

For some instances, I naturally get frustrated when my plans suddenly change, when my life evolve as what I can’t be able to handle things. I’ve just concluded that there is a big chance that things you expect may change. That is why I’ve figured out to be flexible enough. I’ve somehow know my priorities, on what is the things which is really important. I’ve be able to prioritized things, relaxed and flexible over on being upset or worried when things might takes place as what I haven’t  expected.

The chances of possibilities that a life’s change, so as my priorities, then it is to be flexible. The higher possibilities come, the more to be flexible. T o become more flexible, we must appreciate all things that come on our way. It is a matter of a constant change. That whether when things in life runs in bad or good, it just happened  by then and meant to happen. By these things we might be able to handle things even though our life, our plans and works changes.

Seek Ye First to be Understand

It is the idea that if you want others understands you, understand them first. Naturally, it falls into place with no further notice of effect. When we understand where people are trying to say, what they feel, and what they trying to express is a process of good communication. We are able to have a good quality of relationship between others.

When we try to exert effort for the others to understand us rather than they should be understood, the normal tendency of this thing is we’re trying to expose ourselves in a battle or confrontation. It is usually reach in break down communication. Both parties may disagrees views, for they may be not understood each other thoughts.  

Seeking first to understand isn’t about whom’s party is right or wrong, it is a process of effective understanding towards communication. By this case, we will be able to know the people we communicate with will feel listened to, heard, and understood as we listened to, heard, and understood them. We may finally get a good communication towards people and provides better relationships.