Seek Ye First to be Understand

It is the idea that if you want others understands you, understand them first. Naturally, it falls into place with no further notice of effect. When we understand where people are trying to say, what they feel, and what they trying to express is a process of good communication. We are able to have a good quality of relationship between others.

When we try to exert effort for the others to understand us rather than they should be understood, the normal tendency of this thing is we’re trying to expose ourselves in a battle or confrontation. It is usually reach in break down communication. Both parties may disagrees views, for they may be not understood each other thoughts.  

Seeking first to understand isn’t about whom’s party is right or wrong, it is a process of effective understanding towards communication. By this case, we will be able to know the people we communicate with will feel listened to, heard, and understood as we listened to, heard, and understood them. We may finally get a good communication towards people and provides better relationships.


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