Joyful Surprise

My sister Liber due around October 27. On a Monday afternoon, my sisiter together with my mother were having a birth preparation, getting ready to go to a  hospital when she starts to feel terrible on her stomach. We  all panicked a little. Maybe I got the more conscious feeling that time. They all had to get over to the hospital with all thier gear.

My brother-in-law Ruel together with my mother had been given specific instructions by the time that they went t the hospital, that as soon as my sister went into labor they will be able to know what to do. I was texted by Ruel and telling me that my mom wanted my older sister Janette went to the hospital to be her substitute as they are waiting for Liber to get labor.

At the Midwife’s Clinic, the midwife said that my sister has increased her blood pressure, that’s why they imply to send my sister to the hospital for her maximum security of delivery.

It took a long time of birth preparation. I was not sure on how Ruel handled the pressure on staying close to his wife. I knew he should stay close to my sister for both thier sakes, and for the coming baby.

It happens that they were on a dawn of Tuesday when the labor of my sister takes place. It didn’t take long as what they say. A nurse called their names to see the baby was in her arms. It was a baby boy! Thanked God.

Baby Ruber, was born on October 28, 2008 at 3:25 AM with a 8 pounds in weight. A cuddly, white skin with black hair and eyes.

Baby Ruber brought extreme joy to our family. We all felt a new spirit, a surge of hope, when my sister carried her baby boy through the door. Within a few days it was hard for us to imagine what life in our house and been like before he came to us.

In the joyfu spirit of each day that the baby brought, for us, it is a joyful surprise. For the next few days, we absolutely sure that the baby will bring joy and demonstrate healing powers on our tired bodies after work.


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