First Time

First time to stay away

This is my first time to stay away with my family. It is just like that the present company tried to convinced me to work away with my family and friends. That was the nature of the company where I worked with. I worked more than miles to help my family in financial aspects; and to gain and develop my personal ability.

First time to explore and live in the place

At first, the place* were so huge for me to imagine and difficult for me to recognize. I was quite nervous and afraid to deal with the people where the place is also as new as it was be to me. Communicating towards people were not so easy yet very much simple to deal with. I rented a room for me to lived and had to stay in. First time alone that I applied as a lady bed spacer. We were two in a single room. Quite nice for me to have .This was my first time to rent a room and had a companion on a single room where I sleep. I missed my room way back to my real place where I lived in.

First time of duty

First day of duty, it was a very bright, sunny day. When i was on my way to work. I got a very nice location for renting a room. My work place is about a walking distance and no need to ride on a vehicle.

First time to be with the place

It was was first time to lived in the place. You know what? It was a very nervous and challenging on my part to take the job. Asides that i will conquer my own strengths and weaknesses, to take all the odds and to prove my worth as an independent woman, person and a human being of this earth. Hahaha….

Dealing with people is not so hard for me. Typically, I’ve be able to just and flex myself towards others. I’ll always wanted to meet other people. I want to gain friends, learn things which I haven’t learned yet and know; and otherwise, to share my views also; kinda’ vice versa, give and take.

To my Family:
Thank you for the full support and understanding to the nature of my work. I loved you all and it would be eternal. Expressing my deep gratitude is no enough to extend my feelings. Thank you very much!

To my Friends:
hello guys, I have my good time with all of you. All the memories is a treasure for me. It would carry for the rest of my life. Thank you for being part of my life. See you soon and see you then.

To my Work! Place* and officemates:
Thank you for believing that I have the capacity to work with the job assigned to me. I’ll do my best to prove my worth. To my co-employees, thank you for believing in me. I’ll do take all your critiques and praises to develop myself. I will do my job and responsibility as what it was assigned to me.
So help me God.

? work on a precious stone pawning company;
  no to prevail, I've signed the contract of secrecy;
* place assigned to work in, Tagum City,
  Davao del Norte, Philippines, 8100;

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