1 week

I have come this far. For one week on work where I stayed away with my family. It’s quite surviving and total  challenging on my part. I met people who were interesting and quite annoying.  Opposites and  contradicted thoughts , people and issues.

It was fun when I walked out to the streets and saw different people observing there way of living. For a single week, I know I had learned, and for the days to come, for sure I will learn more.

Maybe life is a matter of opposite attract. If you’ve got negative things, sooner or later you will get and experience positive things. I just loved the way it was wanted to be. It was a total opposite reactions attract!

I borrowed my sister’s cam to take some pictures to the place where I was assigned. I explore the place for a couple of times and even when the day comes I just develop my exploring skills to the city where I worked.

I just can’t wait to post those picture on my next entry. 🙂



  1. Hello! meri xmas, hope everything is great on your new work/place?

  2. Hello vhincent…Merry Christmas…thanks for drooping…I had a great time with my new work/place…uhmm…so far…

    Good luck and may the blessings be with you and your family as the days come…


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