Made by accident or by reason?

After all my birth was no mistake or even a stoke mishap, and my life is no fluke of nature. Sometimes, I wondered if my parents planned on me or not, but one thing is for sure, I know God did. He maybe not totally surprise at all on my birth. Maybe in the fact that He expected it. My life is not a fate, nor chance, nor luck, nor coincidence that you and I are breathing at this very moment.  

I sometimes wondered on how did God created me? But only myself can answer the said question. Physically, He deliberately chose my race, the color of my skin, eyes, hair, and every other feature.  He custom-made my body just the way He wanted it, according to his likeness.

I’ve just wondered the things that even long before that I were concieved by my parents, I was concieved in God. He determined tha natural talents I would possess and the uniqueness of my personality. Do we have the same thing in mind?

God made us for a reason. He also decided when  we are born and how long we would live. He totally know every single detail on our life has made. He even planned the days of our life in advance, maybe choosing the exact timeof our birth and even our death.

I’d be born and live for his purpose,  for the fact that He created me because of love. Maybe even my race and nationality are no accident. God left no detail to chance.

It’s all for a purpose. Nothing in my life or in your life is arbitrary. We better always keep up in mind that all things happened for a reason. Maybe He doesn’t matter whether our parents were good, bad, or indifferent. He never does anything accidentally, and he never makes mistakes. He has a reason for everything He creates and done. Every thing that God created was done by His power, the power of His love. Even a single living thing was designed with a purpose in mind.

That’s why by the moment that I’ll be going to ask if am I an accident? That’s what I say.


I’m 1 month…

It’s just by then when I started to post an entry regarding on my new place to work on and now I’m on my one month to the said place. Well, exploring the place in one month was totally good and now that I’m extending my duty to the place, I guess I’ll be giving more information to the place on my next entry,  I guess.

I got more adjustments, having the first consern that I’m away on my family. It was a difficult to live with a new people. Without even knowing what’s their atttitudes and traits, but thanked God I survived!

I got a nice and good officemates and peers. It is just to take a few minutes to recall my family away from me when I’m with them. Although I missed my family a lot, still I have this spirit to continue my work and tried to be away with them, even for a single time or more.

So far, so good…