Amazing Escapades: Surigao del Sur


It was my marvelous escapades in my life. Char! I treated myself a nice and amazing escapades.

The day before my birthday, I went to Surigao del Sur to unwind and of course discover another fantastic views here in planet earth. I got only one thing to described, that escapades was awesome!

It took more or less six hours from Davao City to Surigao joyride. When we arrived in the poblacion of Mangagoy, we took our breakfast and some rest. First pit stop was the “Marvelous Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao”. Uhmmm… By the way, Why it is called Marvelous? Well, see it and you’ll find why is it called. Awesome!

It was a very nice and captivating falls, I can’t really imagine  myself  swimming and enjoying the heaven’s extraordinary place here on earth. It’s all I have to enjoy, so I grabbed the opportunity to indulged the place. Together with my friends and the rest of the nature lovers where there to have fun and see the wonder of the falls. Where very busy exploring the place that every move we made where taken by camera and video. Every single moment in the place is worthy. This is my total escapade so far…A nature lover like me…duh! doesn’t matter how far or near the place, as long as I enjoy myself on it.  Cold!

The Second pit stop was the Enchanted River. Truly it is enchanted…

After more or less two our of exploring the scenery of the fall, we pack up and headed to our next destination. It was my first time to see a river like a sea… bbblllluuuuueeee….. We had our lunch first and do some sight-seeing on the place before we took our swimming marathon. It’s great!

Hope to happen this again… Another escapades please…. 🙂


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