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Amazing Escapades: Surigao del Sur


It was my marvelous escapades in my life. Char! I treated myself a nice and amazing escapades.

The day before my birthday, I went to Surigao del Sur to unwind and of course discover another fantastic views here in planet earth. I got only one thing to described, that escapades was awesome!

It took more or less six hours from Davao City to Surigao joyride. When we arrived in the poblacion of Mangagoy, we took our breakfast and some rest. First pit stop was the “Marvelous Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao”. Uhmmm… By the way, Why it is called Marvelous? Well, see it and you’ll find why is it called. Awesome!

It was a very nice and captivating falls, I can’t really imagine  myself  swimming and enjoying the heaven’s extraordinary place here on earth. It’s all I have to enjoy, so I grabbed the opportunity to indulged the place. Together with my friends and the rest of the nature lovers where there to have fun and see the wonder of the falls. Where very busy exploring the place that every move we made where taken by camera and video. Every single moment in the place is worthy. This is my total escapade so far…A nature lover like me…duh! doesn’t matter how far or near the place, as long as I enjoy myself on it.  Cold!

The Second pit stop was the Enchanted River. Truly it is enchanted…

After more or less two our of exploring the scenery of the fall, we pack up and headed to our next destination. It was my first time to see a river like a sea… bbblllluuuuueeee….. We had our lunch first and do some sight-seeing on the place before we took our swimming marathon. It’s great!

Hope to happen this again… Another escapades please…. 🙂


Misunderstanding is ;

  1. a failure to understand; mistake of meaning or intention
  2. a quarrel or disagreement

“I just don’t get your point why “your” acting like that. It seems like you don’t know me. I guess you have been brain washed by someone. I can’t really imagine that for that too little thing, you’ve just exploded like a bomb! You’re just like an innocent person pretending you have no mistakes. I just don’t get your point.”

Last few months, weeks and days, I had this terrible confrontation of one of my closed friend. I can’t really imagine that for a single and nonsense issue, we separated. It was so hard to give on the friendship. No communication, no voice even just a single sound. I haven’t hear the voice since it was happened.

Friendship? Do you value that thing?… I just don’t really get it. I’m not mad but I was discourage. What happened to you?…hay…

Maybe…we have this misunderstanding. 😦


Things I don’t even noticed

Last week, I went back home to see my family. Since it was my day off in work, I grab the opportunity to spend my whole day at home.

It was a nice and wonderful Saturday morning. More than anything else, I experienced the cup of coffee and pieces of cookies early in the morning. As I look around the place, I have just noticed that this is still the home I still want to be with. I remember that I still have worked my daily routine in the house when I’m there.  sakura1

Very much surprising that baby Ruber was weighted more than the last visit when I came. He is getting to his toddy any moment from now.







I also checked if happy is okay and we do some walking when my mom said that he is not feeling well last few days. I feel so delighted when he saw me home.





 It was a relief on my part that he’s okay now and still managed to entertain me and my family as well. He is our bodyguard and a stress reliever. Thank you Happy! Muah!







As I look outside the window, I saw my mom. She is taking an early visit to her plants. Since then, my mom loves plants. She likes the flowers glowing in and saw it in different colors and figures. No wonder why I also loved plants. I guess so…Ha!ha!ha! sakura4



 I spent my day off a fun one. I know that it would be busy days again when I return to work, but I still manage to laugh and not to worry because I know that my family will be fine and they are going to be fine in God’s guidance.




There’s no place like home

Since when I started my work at the new place. I only got one day ticket a week to go back home. I had my day-off during Saturday, so I had a one day chance to go back home. It was a mixed emotions. I haven’t know if I will feel happy because I’m going back home or be lonely because I will be leaving my family by the next day. But then, I tried myself to enjoy my family’s companion. I’d rather spend my whole day with them. Even though  I’m with my two  more months  working  far away from them still I see to it that even for just a day I’ll go back home to see my family.  I managed to  go back  in forth  although it’s difficult for me.  Still I enjoyed myself  working  having the kind nature of work.

I still want my pillows all over my bed. I still missed my morning cup of coffee and some cookies. I still need the 2 hours bath and remedy inside the bathroom. I still want to cuddle happy and the rest of the gang. I still want to do some things that I usually do when I’m home. All mentioned and even none is still I want to linger when I’m home. There’s no other place like home.

That’s why, even though I spent nowadays working away from home and staying in a rented house, still I managed to think and missed the place where I wanted to go every end of the day. The place where I was since when I’m young where I belong. My home my family.

I’d missed the place and the home when I’m away with my work. Nah….drama!

What’s in education?

The education might be likened to an exciting and challenging journey. It is a journey that you and others make together. You give them encouragement and lovingly provide guidance helping them to progress along the path of life. There is so much for us to learn.

To be truly successful and happy in life, I believe that children must develop moral and spiritual values, learning to distinguish right from wrong. As a parent you will play a major role in what your children learn and how they value and interpret what they learn. There are challenges to be met on this journey. Children are impressionable and from sources outside the family, they can learn many thing that are far from wholesome. As what Satan is a skillful and very experienced educator- but a wicked one indeed. An important step is to take a close look at yourself. You need to set a good example. It is also vital that you accept your responsibility to train your children and take the time needed to do so. Before we consider these points however let us identify the foundation of worthwhile education. The deep understanding of human nature was divinely inspired to point to the foundation of true education. We will be laying the foundation for an education that will make our offspring truly wise. This will help us to put what they learn into proper perspective, not drawing wrong conclusions. They will develop the ability to distinguish both right and wrong. Such a foundation will also help them to remain humble and to avoid what is bad.

Because you are the primary teacher of your children. What they learn from your example will have a profound effect on them. And nothing exerts more influence on a child’s life than parental example. Your dreams ideas values, and interests manifest themselves not only in what you say but also in what you do. From infancy, children learn by carefully observing their parents. Children perceive what is important to their parents and these thing that often become important to young ones.Presumed by present-day demands works and competing interests, parents may be tempted to leave the education of their children to others such as school teachers and child-care professionals. Yet, no one can take the place of a loving, caring parent. You are not perfect and you will make mistakes along the way, but if you sincerely endeavor to do God’s will your children will very likely appreciate your efforts and benefit from them.

Education is a journey that lasts a lifetime. If you and your children loved God, it is a journey that you will be able to enjoy throughout eternity. That is because there will always be more to learn about God, and how we can serve his purpose.