Philippines awaits the new administration

Election time!

It was a very critical stage nowadays, aside from the news that we’ve seen everyday on television, the days are counting for the up coming national election. Hahay…Do you have your President? Vice?…nah!… I took a hard time thinking about that questions. If someone will going to ask me that, I will  just say, ” I’m in a middle of thinking period. Hahhahahahaha ”

Seriously speaking, Our country now is graving for a change. I guess a total makeover! It was nice to see those political candidates doing their best to impress people on their stuff in order to promote themselves to be voted. It was nice to hear those political jingles that carries their vision and mission if they would be elected. It was nice to watch political programs that tackles political issues which is now facing the country and might get done to be resolve if whom is going to be in the line. I rather say that people now is looking for someone who’s gonna make the country a nice place to live in. No political issues, no corruption, no inequalities…

Hahay… Some people said that there’s no use if the country will conduct elections because still the Philippines doesn’t deserve the kind of law that was experiencing right now. Trial and error! Repeat performance… The history repeat itself.

Some says, We should have hope that someday… someone will do difference. How about in addition? nah… We still hoping but still looking that person when to come to make the country a better one.

Politically or not… this is our time to express and spread the good insights of voting. We all want to live a peace and happy country. Please cooperate and vote!


Cause of Transport Strike

As I got along in blogging. I read some news and articles about transport strike. The local groups together with the transport companies had planned to this transport strike in order to be heard and to express what they feel, their wants and needs. They’ve doing this in order to the government to be more concern and uplift positively the ragging status of the administration. In a busy place in Metro Manila where the transport strike takes place makes the hundreds, thousand of commuters stranded. Students, workers, entrepreneurs and daily commuters had been affected in the strike.

There are some speculations that transport strike had gone deeply in a sense of its meaning. One of my good friend, who’s a critic by herself says that they’ve been doing this because of the series of fuel and oil price increase. Although I read it then in some of the news. Looks like the transport groups and companies had been very much affected to the thing. Increased of oil price but the fare is still in the solitude to be manifested in a right way. Even the main and basic needs of food where strongly increasing.

I’ve read that aside from the oil price hike, local groups were focusing also on Local Government Ordinance 4136 where a traffic violator ordered to pay fines, paying attention on their demand for a unified ticketing system for violations of traffic rules in Metro Manila. It seems like it is a very complicated issue to be take more concern of.

According to a friend, this mass transport strike taken by means to the administration reform. Other rendition that transport strike were held to oust the President and to the people have a means of freedom to know the truth regarding on those issues where the President and her administration gone through. Seems like it has been attached with the property in regards of politics.

This is not the first time where the local groups, other government agencies, protesters and the public took massive transport strike. In the same way with the same cause. This act and effort fights what they want to have to be. The protesters had this cycle and willing to do it again and again for the nation to be awaken and stands what unity means.

Should it be the way in order to gain the wants and needs? Should we have to do those strikes, protest and mass destruction in order to the administration and government to be more concern in our needs? Should we have to do these things?