Horoscope for Today

Aries–The shorter, the sweeter! Why spend all afternoon at the spa when an express facial will do the trick? And save a lengthy workout for the weekend; for now, a quick and intense weight routine fits the bill perfectly.

Taurus–Take off your glasses, squint or bring a magnifying glass if you have to, just look at everything extra closely. On a day like this, the top you think is a steal at 20 dollars might actually be 120 … or worse!

Gemini–Bounce ideas off a pal. You have a yen for shorter hair? She can help you design the perfect pageboy. Know you want highlights? Trust her to help you select just the right honey or auburn tones. Harness the power of two!

Cancer–Finding those leopard flats more appealing than plain black ones? Drawn toward your closet’s hot pink items? Tempted to wear your evening lipstick during the day? Go for it. It’s your turn to visit the wild side!

Leo–Think of the last time someone else’s style really impressed you. Was it her polished coif? A comfy but chic pair of sneakers? A daring but successful combination of patterns? Add those elements to your own look.

Virgo–Don’t think that your work is over once your hair and makeup are done. The details will make or break a look now, so double-check that there’s no lipstick on your teeth, flyaways in your hair or lint on your pants.

Libra–Try to ignore all the styles and colors around you and turn inward — what fashion choices will really make your heart sing? Are you wishing for a more youthful look, or maybe more sophistication? Listen to yourself.

Scorpio–Think you’re 100 percent certain of your size? Any other day that would seem like pretty good odds. But today, better not skip the dressing room to save time or order an outfit online. Even little risks are too big now.

Sagittarius–Turn today’s style issue into tomorrow’s skill. If your new pair of pants needs hemming, for example, you could take them to a tailor. Or you could sign up for a sewing class and address your future hemming needs too!

Capricorn–Get rid of anything that’s just cluttering your closet, dresser or shower. Do you really use the decorative soaps lined up on the tub, for example? Have you been storing clothes you mean to donate for years now?

Aquarius–Your challenge is to describe yourself to the world … without saying a word. Will you mention your classic elegance in a simple shift dress, perhaps, or explain your spunk in a colorful handmade outfit? Start talking.

Pisces–If you can’t make out that dress’s pattern from its tiny online picture, or you’re not sure which of your town’s gyms is the best deal, hold off on making a decision. Everything may seem fuzzy now — wait for clarity.


Horoscope for Today

Aries–You’re in a pensive mood today, but don’t make too many rash decisions. Sit quietly and ponder your next move — food bowl or nap? You’ll make the most of your day.

Taurus–You need action today. The temptation to loaf on the couch overwhelms you, but resist the urges. Instead, get out there, stroll around the neighborhood and breathe deeply.

Gemini–You save the day with your incredibly dynamic personality. Your human is in the doldrums, and your uplifting antics are exactly what they need to brighten the day.

Cancer–Look for a chance to make a defining decision about your life. The opportunity might not be an earth-shattering event, but its consequences will change your whole perspective.

Leo–Your fabulously creative feline mind entertains your friends for hours on end. Use that powerful energy today to infuse life into a lame day. Encourage those around you to engage in play and don’t forget to join in.

Virgo–Your demanding nature throws you out of favor with your kitty friends sometimes. They just want to have fun, but with you, every activity’s a mission. Such a perfectionist! Loosen up and enjoy the company of others this afternoon.

Libra–You possess the killer combination of brains and class. This gift allows you to charm the pants off everyone. You sometimes use your dynamism to deflect the uglier side of your personality. Keep that side under wraps today.

Scorpio–Let those other kitties and humans think they’re in charge. Little do they know you’ve secured the upper hand. You’re a whiz at playing dumb, so don’t keep them in suspense. Just do your thing and eventually they’ll get the picture.

Sagittarius–Nothing can spoil your good mood today — even that nasty feline down the street. You’re far too fabulous to let a trash-talking kitty ruin such a lovely afternoon. Avoid that so-called friend like the plague.

Capricorn–You lack flexibility, but your gleaming personality more than overcompensates. Deep down you absolutely love the undivided attention of others, but sometimes too much limelight brings you discomfort. Ease up on yourself today.

Aquarius–You were born under a charmed astrological combination. Your brains and brawn lead you through adversity unscathed. Today, give back to the universe that is so kind to you. Lend a friendly word or helpful gesture to someone less fortunate.

Pisces–Establish communication with an old flame today. Past transgressions have left a bad taste in your mouth, but now’s the time to swish and rinse. You’ll feel great once you clear the air.

Horoscope for Today

Aries–Poetry is singing in your heart today. Don’t be surprised if you startle a family in the produce section as you answer their question in rhyme. Save your inspired verses for the written word — consider a handwritten letter or a descriptive email to an old friend.

Taurus–You want to pick up the phone and get in touch with a long, lost friend, but you simply can’t decide who to call. Although you may be communicative and indecisive today, don’t put the phone back on the receiver. Extend your current network of friends and remind yourself to knit that phone cozy.

Gemini–Your blooming and glowing green yard is the perfect location to hold the neighborhood yard sale planning meeting. The usual suspects and lots of new people will be there. Keep a positive attitude and believe that it will all work out in the end.

Cancer–Instead of hosting the traditional dinner around the dining room table, allow your wild side to run free. Do something more dramatic this evening. Have a picnic in the yard or on the porch. Bring real wine glasses and silver utensils, cloth napkins and your grandma’s dishes.

Leo–Celebrate the lusciousness and bounty of summer fruit with a buffet of fruit-inspired dishes. Go for a spicy salsa with avocado, strawberries, mangoes, and peppers and try pairing it with a light, grilled fish. Serve gooseberry tarts or soy blueberry smoothies for dessert.

Virgo–You may have been running ragged at work today, but do your best not to bring those office issues home with you. Don’t blow your roommates’ sloppy habits out of proportion. Remind yourself that your home should be your haven.

Libra–Today is a day to appreciate the song of summer and communicate with your innermost self. Take a slow and lingering walk around your yard and garden, holding the rosebuds in the palm of your hand and singing a little tune to your new tomato plants. Get caught up in the myriad shapes of swirling tendrils on your pea plants.

Scorpio–Though you may love to sew and create award-winning costumes for festivals and parties, this commission to sew a sequined mermaid outfit may put you over the edge. Beware of projects that you’d normally do for free – someone wants to pay your for it.

Sagittarius–So say you have a lot going on today is an understatement. What easy and quick dish can you prepare for tonight’s potluck dinner party? Bring a bountiful basket of your early-summer harvest to the party — your lightly steamed or grilled veggies will be a sure hit.

Capricorn–So, you want help preparing for the dinner party? Why are you banging pots around and chopping so loudly and vigorously? Everyone can hear your masked cries for help. Instead, cut to the chase and ask for a hand — turn it into a group project.

Aquarius–Your latest craft ideas or suggestions for a summer camping trip are generating excitement and creating a buzz. Invite people over for some peach cobbler and a tea party with various unique blends. Keep the humming alive and you’ll have hatched a beautiful plan by nightfall.

Pisces–You are zipping with energy today. Hone those multi-tasking skills — don’t be afraid to talk on the phone and plan the weekend while you’re cleaning the cobwebs off the grill and sweeping the porch. You’ll be amazed by how much you can accomplish before the evening really begins.