Things I don’t even noticed

Last week, I went back home to see my family. Since it was my day off in work, I grab the opportunity to spend my whole day at home.

It was a nice and wonderful Saturday morning. More than anything else, I experienced the cup of coffee and pieces of cookies early in the morning. As I look around the place, I have just noticed that this is still the home I still want to be with. I remember that I still have worked my daily routine in the house when I’m there.  sakura1

Very much surprising that baby Ruber was weighted more than the last visit when I came. He is getting to his toddy any moment from now.







I also checked if happy is okay and we do some walking when my mom said that he is not feeling well last few days. I feel so delighted when he saw me home.





 It was a relief on my part that he’s okay now and still managed to entertain me and my family as well. He is our bodyguard and a stress reliever. Thank you Happy! Muah!







As I look outside the window, I saw my mom. She is taking an early visit to her plants. Since then, my mom loves plants. She likes the flowers glowing in and saw it in different colors and figures. No wonder why I also loved plants. I guess so…Ha!ha!ha! sakura4



 I spent my day off a fun one. I know that it would be busy days again when I return to work, but I still manage to laugh and not to worry because I know that my family will be fine and they are going to be fine in God’s guidance.





The price of rice is high

For this past few weeks, almost all headlines, reports and news on TV, radio or newspapers tackled the so called shortage of rice. Not even here in the Philippines but also to the other country. A more variety of reasons why our government concluded that there is a lack of rice, one is due to high level of demand from the consumers and the bad weather condition.


The local farmers did not produce as much rice as what they have in the past common harvest because they could no longer handle the high costs of the basic inputs like fertilizers, which should be subsidized by the government but the thing is they couldn’t, because they wanted to help the businessmen and other personal matters rather than the poor farmers. Just what they commonly says that they doing this in order for the country’s improvement in progression on the nation’s economy. Is this what they call progress?

Higher prices of food, particularly rice, caused inflation to accelerate to more than Php40 per kilo. Wheats, corn are also in a higher percentage to increase its demand and price. Meats and other basic foods will be going to take a risk to increase if it continues. People may suffer and suddenly will get their most alternative way to find for food to eat.

Even when we are going to say that there is no panic buying of such basic commodities, but later on when the trend continues, people will start on panic buying and hoard basic necessities. Maybe our government had its solutions to at least minimize the problem. It would a big challenge to the people and to the administration to solve this kind of problem.

My Alma Mater – ICC

For this time around I want to share a little bit of information regarding to myself. The picture below is the new building of the school where I studied and graduated. It happens that Bebe and her companions went to People’s Park to take some scroll and have some pictures also with the new opened park (it was opened to the public last December 2007 and it’s free…take note…it’s free… ). That’s why I asked Bebe a favor to take some pictures of the school, where just about the vicinity of the said Park. She said, “Okay, I will…”. ” Thanks Bebe… 🙂 ”


Interface Computer College-Davao

This is the new building of the school. It was located at Palma Gil Street, Davao City, Philippines. The new building has a five leveled floor.

I studied for four(4) years Bachelor Degree and graduated in the said school. It has been opened almost a year ago. Its beautiful furnished building brings a nice structure in front of the PTA or newly-named People’s Park in Davao City. I’m proud to be a product of this School. Interface Computer College is one of the school here in Davao City that teaches computer related courses. The school has six(6) branches from Luzon to Mindanao, namely Manila , Caloocan, Cabanatuan, IloIlo, Cebu and Davao. It’s main branch was located at Manila.

I missed my classmates and colleagues batch SY- 2006. I hope that we’re going to see each other someday.

I’ll post another picture soon… 🙂

About The Author (Section 9&10)

Section 9: Originality and Imagination Areas Where You Are Creative, Unique, Unstable, or Compulsive

You are unconventional, even iconoclastic, in your attitude toward religion, philosophy, and politics. You tend to see traditional religion as restrictive, meaningless ritual with little to offer you, and you’re eager to experiment with other, alternative pathways. You have lots of creative, innovative ideas and you often feel that others are unwilling to take risks and venture out of their deeply ingrained perspectives and views.

You are idealistic in your social and political outlook, and your ideals may impel you to join clubs, organizations, communities of like-minded people, or groups that share your vision and your concerns.

You have strong philosophical views and there are times in your life when you passionately crusade for a cause that you deem noble and of utmost importance. Although your intentions are good, you are not as objective as you think you are, and your views are more colored by personal experiences and concerns than you realize. Nevertheless, you can also be instrumental in bringing about positive change if you can avoid being dogmatic. Also, you may radically change or revise your own personal beliefs, even your most cherished convictions, many times during your life.

Your mind tends to wander and you have to beware of accidents caused by your absent-mindedness. Acting on spontaneous ideas, you could easily become involved in projects that are misrepresented or dishonest, leaving yourself open for others to question your intentions.

Because you can’t seem to relate to your surrounding with ease, you hide your true nature and may pretend that you are different than you really are. You also should beware of deceitful people in your circle who may not have your best interests at heart.

Your desire for love is very strong and you are extremely popular. You have what it takes to fascinate many people and are likely to have a good measure of social power. Your generosity is great, and no one who comes to you for help will be turned away.

There seems to be a negative energy around you that could undermine your association with other people. You should beware of ruthless people who may try to deceive you or try to cause problems for you in other ways.

Section 10: Generational Influences: Your Age Group

The first topic is “The Subconscious and Emotional Drive of Your Age Group”. In this section we will describe a deeply felt urge, even compulsion, of your age group. This deeply felt drive comes to the surface with great force and power, and consequently leaves in its wake considerable upheaval and change. The second topic is “The Ideals and Illusions of Your Age Group”, that describes the dreams, fantasies, and spiritual aspirations of your age group. The third and last topic is “What is New and Different in Your Age Group”, which describes areas in which your age group tends to be innovative, inventive, unusual, and also where it may be unstable and unreliable.

You are part of a 15 year group of people that are driven by the need to find an ethical standard and a clear sense of what is right and what is wrong. There is a subconscious drive to straighten out all the world’s evils and create a world of perfect order. There is a feeling of repulsion to anything ugly, dirty, or grotesque. Oddly enough, there is also often a fascination with these very things that are so distasteful, and often a feeling of hopelessness and despair about the world’s condition.

These inner, emotional and conflicting qualities are reflected in the attitudes and life styles of your generation. Most people of your age group are conservative and ethical, and a small minority goes to the opposite extreme and relishes being strange or unusual in appearance, and sloppy or even grotesque in manners and appearance. There seems to be no middle ground for your generation. Usually, the rebellious type of behavior comes out during adolescence, and tends to subside thereafter, and your age group tends to be very conservative in later life.

Your age group is not very good at compromising and tends to have strong ideas about what is right and what is wrong. There is a strong feeling that you must extinguish evil in the world. Certainly, fostering good works is very commendable, but a categorical and simple-minded response to complex issues is not helpful. Your age group will undergo great transformations in attitudes regarding Good and Evil and will swing to great extremes. Your generation will also make great contributions in the areas of medicine and nutrition, ecology, and education.

You were also born during a period that lasted approximately 5 years and is characterized by extreme restlessness and an impatient, dynamic attitude towards life. You are part of a group of people who can be explosive and even violent in their reactions to situations. You do not tolerate being restricted, and your age group rebels with force and anger against oppressive situations.

About The Author (Section 7&8)

Section 7: Growth and Expansion: Areas That You Enjoy

You believe strongly in the power of positivity and in each individual’s ability to make life anything desired through one’s own initiative and effort. The more you rely on yourself, the better you feel, and you find it difficult to ask for or accept outside help. The joy of competing (and especially winning!) runs deep in you.

You are very hospitable and love having a large, comfortable, gracious home where you can welcome guests as well as family. Your childhood or heritage was very nourishing and supportive, giving you a solid, emotionally secure basis for your life, and you are therefore inclined to share what you have freely and generously.

Investing in your home or real estate is likely to be very rewarding for you. There is an uneasy balance within you between personal independence and freedom of thought versus being part of a collective, sharing beliefs and goals with others. Even if popularity is important to you, you can’t seem to help occasionally injecting a bit of controversy, or rebelling against the well-established way of things. Group situations or efforts may interest you, then feel uncomfortable once you get involved.

You are apt to have very strong convictions and beliefs, and some might say you border on being fanatical. At some point in your life, the urge to act on these beliefs may put you in a questionable position with your superiors, or even the law of the land.

On another level, you may have inordinate ambitions and unless you take care not to overstep yourself, a fall due to greed or arrogance could result.

You are likely to conduct a lively correspondence with other people and cultivate large social contacts. You also may combine your social activity with business and could form a successful business partnership.

Section 8: Areas That Challenge You Or Are Difficult For You

You have an innate distrust of groups and/or a cynical attitude toward society that may leave you feeling out of step and unable to participate in activities with your peers. Overcoming a sense of aloofness and alienation from others is an important task for you.

Your fears revolve around money and material security, and you work very hard to ensure that your assets are solid. You may be very conservative, even stingy, with your money because you are afraid there won’t be enough. You may turn this fear around and become very shrewd about investments and financial matters.

You strive and struggle a great deal with your ideals or spiritual aspirations. You may go through periods of self-denial, asceticism, and serious study of religious philosophy and spiritual practices, or you may lose heart and become cynical about religious ideals, but never quite divorce yourself completely from your idealistic concerns.

Now we will discuss patterns of behavior which you instinctively and habitually revert to when under stress – a mostly unconscious process and one which you are apt to overdo because it is so familiar and thus easy for you. The direction you need to follow in order to develop balance, greater awareness, and wholeness is also described.

When under stress you are apt to close down the flow of your emotions, ignoring your needs and feelings in order to do what you perceive as your duty or simply what the practical realities of the situation require. This can lead to a certain rigidity and hardness. If overdone, self-control, self-discipline, or an exaggerated concern over what society, family or others expect of you makes life more a burden than an adventure.

Developing tenderness, caring, feeling, and the feminine, nurturing aspects of yourself is an important step in your unfolding. You need to learn how to nourish and lovingly attend to both yourself and others. Letting yourself be taken care of sometimes is okay!

The arena you are most likely to wrestle with these issues is in your marriage and other intimate, one-to-one relationships. You may see the qualities you need to develop more fully (described above) in your partner. It is important for you to recognize, appreciate, and listen to the people in your life who express such attributes, as well as developing them yourself. Put energy and attention into learning about others, and about yourself through others.

The specific habits which are likely to hold you back, or which you are prone to overdo, especially during stressful periods, include:

Excessive thinking, rationalizing, talking, and overuse or misuse of your intellectual abilities, as well as dissipating your energy in trivial activities.

You are a good team worker and have the ability to lead others. Your meetings and associations with others tend to be harmonious and cooperative. You also may have a very industrious family and tend to be strongly tied to them.

You have a very engaging manner in the company of others and your association with other people is likely to be harmonious. Some of your connections may prove to be helpful to you with your plans.

About The Author (Section 5&6)

Section 5: Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

Your desire for harmonious relationships and surroundings is so strong that you avoid personal confrontations or any expression of intense, unpleasant emotions. You are an idealist who would like to paint the world in pastel colors, and live in peace and harmony with others at all times. You are able to see points of similarity and unity with people who are vastly different from yourself, and befriend many different types of people. You are a considerate and thoughtful friend, and have a real flair for making others feel accepted and appreciated. Inwardly you are often torn with indecision and are much more at odds with yourself than others would ever guess from your smooth, even disposition.

You work well with the public and have an instinct for what the public wants and will respond to. Having a “nest” is not especially important to you, and you may invest more of your emotional energy into your career or public life than in your private life. Providing for and caring for others in a professional capacity is very likely.

You are temperamental and impatient and can be very difficult to live with. You tend to respond with a temper tantrum (overt or subtle) if your desires are frustrated. You become very irritable and bad-tempered if you do not have enough vigorous physical activities or other outlets for your aggressive, feisty spirit.

You are open and unconventional in your attitude towards love, romance, and sex. You enjoy socializing, bringing people together, and having many friends of both sexes. You value friendship very highly and are, in fact, more comfortable being a friend than a lover. You desire an intellectual rapport or spiritual bond with your love partner, but deep intimacy and emotional bonding do not come easily to you. The role of “husband” or “wife” in the traditional sense doesn’t appeal to you, and you abhor jealousy and possessiveness since you feel that no person truly “belongs” to another. You appreciate a love partner who will allow you plenty of freedom and is not very emotionally demanding.

For you, caring and affection must be expressed tangibly, and you love giving and receiving gifts. You value luxury, comfort, and elegance very highly and appreciate beautiful things. You can be self-indulgent and extravagant. Being overly possessive of people you love and of your belongings is something you need to beware of.

Intimacy does not come easily to you and you may appear cold or unfeeling to others due to your emotional reserve and caution. Perhaps due to painful relationships and separations in your early life, you do not trust others very easily and it takes a long time to take down all of your barriers and defenses. You may feel that you have few friends or people that really care about you. You need to learn to value and love yourself more and to express your appreciation for others more openly.

You have a very romantic, idealistic vision of love and may be disillusioned to discover that no real, flesh and blood human being ever quite lives up to your dream image of the Perfect Love. Though you frequently fantasize about love and romance, you may avoid becoming intimately involved with anyone or making definite commitments. You can be evasive and dishonest with yourself and others, when it comes to love. Some of your love yearnings may be expressed through art, music, or an involvement with mysticism.

Your relationship to people in your personal environment is very affectionate. You enjoy the company of other people and have a harmonious attitude toward them. You also have a sense of art and may decorate your surroundings very artistically.

Section 6: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

You are serious about your ambitions, and disciplined, dedicated, and tenacious in pursuing your objectives. Your drive and energy are directed toward practical material accomplishment and achieving concrete results. You also strive to be in a position of authority and social influence; you enjoy being the person who is in command.

You are hard-working and capable of foregoing immediate comfort in order to achieve your long-range goals. You can easily become a workaholic and are very responsible and conscientious about doing a thorough job.

Realistic and pragmatic, you are an excellent strategist. You attain success by formulating a conservative and workable plan and following through with it. You are not a gambler when it comes to attaining your goals; you depend on your own efforts and perseverance rather than good fortune. You have a natural shrewdness and instinct for business or organizational management.

You are a doer and an achiever. Energetic, courageous, and often impatient, you will forge ahead with your plans regardless of others’ reservations. In fact, you often feel other people get in your way and you prefer working on your own. You are active, assertive, and rather competitive as well.

You may not feel like you have to work very hard or strive to achieve, either because you come from a very comfortable background, or because inner contentment and satisfaction are more important to you than outward accomplishment. You could be quite successful in real estate, agriculture, or anything involving land.

To achieve your long-range goals and ambitions, the process must be interesting and mentally stimulating, as you get bored with work that isn’t challenging intellectually. You need variety and social stimulation as well. One problem you may have is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or to the wrong person. You need to watch your words. Your tongue or even your sense of humor can get you in trouble with superiors at times.

You have a desire to teach other people what you know and may be interested in a career that serves the public through some educational programs. You are a very stimulating companion, but want to be the central figure in dicussions.

About The Author (Section 3&4)

Section 3: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

The following is a description of your basic stance towards life, the way others see you, the way you come across, the face you show to the world. In Chapter 3 you will read about the “The Inner You: Your Real Motivation”, which describes the kind of person you are at heart and where your true priorities lie. Read this chapter and the next one and compare them – there may be significant differences between them, in which case “the inner you” may not shine through and others are in for some surprises when they get to know you at a more than superficial level. This chapter describes the costume you wear, your role in life, while Chapter 3 talks about the real person inside the costume.

Section 4 : Your Elemental Nature

Your fundamental needs, values, and orientation towards life are symbolized by the four astrological elements. Each person has their own unique balance of these four basic energies: fire (warmth, inspiration, enthusiasm), earth (practicality, realism, material interests), air (social and intellectual qualities), and water (emotional needs and feelings).

Your “elemental make-up” is described below. Remember that most people are “unbalanced” or lopsided, and if you are lacking or deficient in a certain element (or elements), it simply means that you need to consciously develop that aspect of yourself to learn to appreciate and/or to work harder in that dimension of life.

Sometimes we overvalue the element that we are least endowed with, sensing it as a lack within ourselves, but more often we neglect or ignore it.