Synopsis – ” Serendipity “

I got up late that is the reason why I went school late, obviously. Those few days keep tearing me apart. After the “School Valentine’s Fair” and the fancy wedding seems hard to imagine, it was very difficult. I can’t even see him after that fair. I was get curios why He haven’t talk to me after that fair. I tried to talked to his one closed friend. I’m just wondering why He doesn’t shown up. I have this speculation that maybe He turned bad after I walked away after the fancy wedding, after the kiss, after He whispered something. I guess so…

I’ve known that He’s quite ashamed about what happened. About the fancy wedding. He’s in school but he see to it that were not going to see each other. He’s depressed on what He said. I know it! There’s something that He totally depressed of.

I’m sad about what happened. I guess this point would be a way that our relationship will be truly be ended. Hay… I decided to go back where it begins and ends. I headed myself way back to where our relationship started. At the coffee shop. I sit in where I usually do. It seems too lonely to imagine that I’m alone on that place. I order my favorite “halo-halo”. I remember those days that we usually go there to have a refreshing cold drinks, those are memories now.

I slowly eat, remembering all the moments that we’re together. “Oftentimes, we ask for a signs, for us to know if He or She is the one. What if there are no signs? Is the absence of signs a sign?”, I just wondered. I hold for a deep breath, “Hay…I missed him.”, said in my miind. No point of consciousness that I headed my vision on the railway entrance of the coffee shop. I’ve suddenly noticed a guy who’s headed bowed down and seems lonesome, walking his way in the shop. I recognized him. It was him. God!…I felt nervous. But why?…we’re done and why am I supposed to feel this. Gosh!

I pretend just I haven’t saw him. He saw my reactions upon he entered. I just feel that He walk towards my place, or should I say our place. “It’s been…awhile since…”, He said with a timid smile. I interrupted. “Yes, Hi!…we see each other…again…nice to know. How are you?..”, I suddenly say. He’s quite nervous, I sense it. “I’m okay…Do you mind if I sit here?”, He replied. “I…It’s okay…”, I smiled. He sat on where He usually sit. I wondered if He still knows it.

He’s quite shy and smiles every time I look at him at the eye. He ordered his favorite menu. He will going to eat his lunch, late lunch. “It’s been awhile since we spent time together.”, He said. I nodded and say “Yeah, like we always laugh and have fun”. He smiled on that thing. He maybe recalled the past. “I just can’t forget the moments I had with you. I still smile every time I remember those… I miss you.”, he expresses. I smiled with passion. Those were the words I’ve longed to hear coming from him. Myself gets comfortable.

Our conversation gets further as we eat. We had a nice topic and seems like we haven’t worrying anything about our present status. About our relationship.

To be continued… πŸ™‚


Synopsis – ” Love comes…away? “

Today is Valentine’s Day. Our school had it’s finest treat for today’s celebration. Every participating clubs in our school had its one of a kind presentation and enjoyable treats for this whole day fair. All active school clubs had a different treats to give fun and enjoyment to both teachers and students in school. Other clubs sell flowers and chocolates. Good idea for them, ‘coz some boys would buy those and gave to their someone special. Nah! I experienced that thing before, that was when We haven’t got that “Coffee Break“. Some clubs do the message on the air, where everyone can send a message to a box for just 5 pesos and for a minute a message will be read by one of the member of the club. Well, any message you want to send doesn’t matter anyway. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Just for fun and to raised funds for the school club.

I haven’t got any idea on how I will handle my responsibility as a treasurer. My group had a fancy wedding treat, this was the class got a majority votes during the last day meeting. It compromises with a fake priest, fake rings and fake marriage contract. The concept of this fake wedding is never be done without the acceptance of both parties, because we’re going to take a fake wedding from those partners who want fun and just have a fancy wedding treat with their loved ones. For any reasons, lots of partners and lovers take the test to have a fancy wedding. I had a fun time looking at them, got fancy wed and got kissed in the end when the priest says, “You may kiss the bride..”. Looks like a true wedding but a fancy after all.

We’ve got a lot of money by having this fancy wedding. It would be a very good idea to raised funds.

As I keep myself busy for taking care for the money from whom the couple pay for their fancy wedding. One of my classmates pull me up on my sit. I got confused and wondered why they started pulling me in front of our fancy made church altar. One of them wore me a silky cloth that we used in order to accomplished a wedding. I got an idea directly on my mind that I’m sure, I’ll be the one to put on this fancy thing. My heart beats faster and beats even faster as I knew whom the person I would fancy wed to. It was him. I’m quite shocked and certainly do nothing. Instead, I just stay on the other side of the altar. Mixed emotions I guess, that would be the reason why I can’t move my feet and still do nothing at all. I just bow down my head and observe what He will trying to do. I heard crowd teasing and got an enjoyment watching us in front of the fancy altar. I saw his feet beneath mine. He was an inch beside me. As everyone laughing and teasing, the fake priest whom our class president do the fake wedding ritual. I have this terrible feeling. It’s like I’m broken into pieces. I just don’t know how to express it. I looked at him. He’s smiling and can’t looked my eyes straight. I hear “and now you may kiss the bride…”. Toinks! I’m a volcano erupted. “What?…”, I said. “Why?…is there something that cause us trouble?..” he said. Woohhh…teasing on the crowd. I felt better when He said those words. Slowly He get on his face to mine. He kissed me on the cheeks. He whispered something. (Wanna know?…”Secret!…hahahhaha”)

After that warmth kissed. I walked away. I am in a catastrophe if I will wait what would be the next after. It would be my failure if I expect something better after that but turns that event into my great loss.

That day results miscommunication. I don’t know what I expect or rather he expect. We’re no longer communicating each other and for that fancy wedding had done. What would we both expect?

To be continued… πŸ™‚

Synopsis – “School Ball”

As the February 14 activity in school is fast approaching. It has been a normal day for me when I step up the lobby of the school to take my class. But I guess I can’t finally torn myself out of this Valentine’s School Activity. Our class adviser were discussing something about the fair. I know there’s something for our class to do in the February 14. I just don’t have a good mood to have this activity to be celebrate. I missed him. After the “Coffee Break and Love hurts” brings myself yelled a total disorders.

Suddenly, I hear my classmates shouted and still on the topic they’ve been talking for almost an hour. They’ve enjoy on what they have come up on the meeting. I heard my teacher says, “Okay, I will leave all the responsibilities to our class officers, If you have any problem about the activity, Just let me know,okay? ” and almost all of my classmates agree. After that session, I decided to take a walk. I went to the school canteen and find our class president. I am the treasurer of the class and I haven’t intended to know my obligation because of this predetermined feelings. “uhmm…well, from the word itself, I’m taking for the money matters for sure“. hay… Better to be sure for any reasons.

The canteen is very small to occupied lots of student in school. So noisy! In a hurry, I quickly look on all the students who were there and find the class president. Even though, it’s noise chatters around, still I heard someone shouted my name. I tried to look who called me. Unfortunately, I found nothing. I come up on my mind that if the class president is not here maybe in some other place. I decided to walk out on the canteen and headed my way to the library.

I heard someone shouted my name. I stopped walking and finds the person who’d it be. Suddenly, I found nothing again. It happens two way in a row. I heard it clearly that someone’s calling me, but I found nothing. Am I insane in hearing things? owwww.. I just rolled my eyes and continued walking along.

I’m kinda’ confused on what I have encountered today. Eyeballs rolling…

To be continued… πŸ™‚

Synopsis – “Love hurts”

This day went a very fine weather. It seems like it doesn’t make any difference in the other days that past by. It doesn’t make any difference that we’ve been together. I still remembered our last coffee that we’re together. The conversation that leads us to fall apart.

After the coffee session and had no communication for so long made my heart torn. I had this terrible feeling that if I can’t be able to fight it, in the end it’s only me who’ll regret it. Those passing nights seems so cold and restless. I almost slept with tears. Pathetic love is!

I arrived in school almost when our instructor came. I’d take a sit and prepare for long and boring discussions. It seems like I haven’t got any interest to listen. hayyy…

While walking together with my classmates to take our way to the entrance. One of my classmate, Arian noticed that I was not in the good mood. “Hey, what’s wrong?…it seems like your lonely…”, she said. I just smiled and decided not to talk. Although I wanted to be happy and act like there’s no any problem, still it’s difficult. There I realized that its really hard to show to everybody what you feel. Maybe, I’m just scared of letting them know what’s bothering on me.

Sometimes, I just lied to overshadow the tears. I hide the pain by smiling, I hide the tears from laughing and hide the sadness by telling lies. But still, even that I wanted to feel that I am filled with happiness without pretending, I still feel the pain inside.

The more I pretend and longing that I’m not affected to our situation, is the more I experienced more hurt. I lose a chance to express it evenly. It is truly hurts me a lot!

To be continued… πŸ™‚

Synopsis – “Coffee break”

After a few weeks had past, He finally make a call and send some text messages. I’d just don’t know what’s his intention after all. “What is He doing?, sige paramdam.”, shouted on my mind. I ignored his messages and calls, What for?.

A dramatic scene!

It happens that we’re at the coffee shop in school. It was before December that we had a very terrible fight. That’s why we decided to settle it then before it leads to any conflicts. I tried to be on a soft mood. I just want to let him see that I’m not affected to the possible situation we’re going to take. He is also in a lonesome voice when he talk. I’m okay…, I said. but even though I said it modestly, It makes me feel that I will regret it at the end. Then suddenly tears comes on my eyes, lots of tears that it almost difficult to wipe them out. We’re at the same track that instead of talking, we’re in silence. Very quiet that almost all the unnoticeable noise around you’d hear. After a couple of minutes, he quite glimpse on me. Relaxed and thinking something, that he quite figuring it out what is it. I’ve notice his eyes was pointing on me, so I look at him. He stare at me for so long, his eyes were moving, winking as if he don’t want to stare me straight.

Then I said, If you had no more to say, I’ll go then..”. Retrieving from my unconscious feeling of ache. I stand and get my purse on the side table. I almost a half back step when he speak. ” Can we see each other again?… “, his voice was in smooth tone. Had the eagerness to hear an agreeable response. I look at him and fetch my eyes to stare the cup of coffee, it was his. I look back on him and says, “Maybe… if we want to see each other again. “. I left him and even though I haven’t look back I can sense that he’s staring me then, standing and waiting my turn to reach the main door.

After that, we both haven’t get any communications from each other. No communications at all.

Then, for just a few weeks after the coffee shop conversation. It all began a second time around.

To be continued… πŸ™‚