Amazing Escapades: Surigao del Sur


It was my marvelous escapades in my life. Char! I treated myself a nice and amazing escapades.

The day before my birthday, I went to Surigao del Sur to unwind and of course discover another fantastic views here in planet earth. I got only one thing to described, that escapades was awesome!

It took more or less six hours from Davao City to Surigao joyride. When we arrived in the poblacion of Mangagoy, we took our breakfast and some rest. First pit stop was the “Marvelous Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao”. Uhmmm… By the way, Why it is called Marvelous? Well, see it and you’ll find why is it called. Awesome!

It was a very nice and captivating falls, I can’t really imagine  myself  swimming and enjoying the heaven’s extraordinary place here on earth. It’s all I have to enjoy, so I grabbed the opportunity to indulged the place. Together with my friends and the rest of the nature lovers where there to have fun and see the wonder of the falls. Where very busy exploring the place that every move we made where taken by camera and video. Every single moment in the place is worthy. This is my total escapade so far…A nature lover like me…duh! doesn’t matter how far or near the place, as long as I enjoy myself on it.  Cold!

The Second pit stop was the Enchanted River. Truly it is enchanted…

After more or less two our of exploring the scenery of the fall, we pack up and headed to our next destination. It was my first time to see a river like a sea… bbblllluuuuueeee….. We had our lunch first and do some sight-seeing on the place before we took our swimming marathon. It’s great!

Hope to happen this again… Another escapades please…. 🙂


Beach Hopping

Last November 1, 2009 we got our best outing as what I experienced here in MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL. We had our beach hopping in all around the beaches here in MATI.


p00I had my very good friends here in MATI that give me this opportunity to explore the wonders of the place. The first stop was known by its cottages on the sea. You have to walk through a bridge with their cottages was on the sea level. Nice one! We spent our night there and had a awesome bath early in the morning.


Second stop, DAHICAN:


DAHICAN is just like BORACAY…its wonderful clear blue water made me excited to swim.



MAYO is known by its cold lagoon…try this one.

It was a very wonderful experienced. Even though I went home (DAVAO CITY) late…still it was no regrets to have companions like this…


It’s been awhile…

Hello guys…

It’s been five months since I wrote my last entry on my blog. It was so sad that I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. I had a lot of things that has to be done and maybe this would a good start for my blog to taking care of. I have to write something…again…

I’m away with my family(since I got my new  job and get assigned to a distant place. It seems like I want to resign and take something else to be work on. But on the contrary, I don’t think any good reasons on why should I resign. I had a good work (payable), I’m contented with it. Maybe it is just I’m away with my family and it’s not easy to be far and away with them. Right?

For my long stay here in MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL, I could say that I truly missed my family way back home. I missed them around and do the things I usually do when I’m with them. But then, I have found friends here. They’ve been the relief of my misery on missing my family. Since we have all the same situation.

It would be difficult for me to manage to work away from them, but since that I want to learn all the things and explore what the world is it would be a relief if we have a so called — friend.

I will be celebrating my five months on October 10, more patience and hard work to be done.

See you guys next on my next entry. I will be going to write about my friends here.

I am here: Mati City, Davao Oriental

My friends… I am here in Mati City, Davao Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines, South East Asia, Earth.

As I was talking on my last post that I will be moving again to another place…maybe I should say that… I was moved and been to another location again. Ho! It has been getting any longer to travel from my home (Davao City, Davao del Sur) than it was like before when I was in Tagum City.

I’ve been here last May 04, 2009. It takes more or less five (5) hours of travel from Davao City to Mati City. It’s been a long travel that’s why I haven’t got an idea to take some pictures on my way (aside that I wasn’t be able to have my cam with me) for the reasons that I was sleepy on a long travel. I slept. Hahahahhah!

When I’m on my way, I was be able to visualized the place. On what is Mati City look alike. I had been heard that the place has a lot of beaches and had a nice spots to unwind. I was excited and nervous at the same time. It is my first time to go to the place and work. Good luck to me.

For more than two weeks in Mati, the words that I can only say is adventure and challenge. Why?…uhm, for a week I be able on getting to know the place and the people. The place was on its hottest spots. Aside that its economy is exceeding, Govenment also want to promote the place and to invite investors to do business in the virgin white sand beaches of Mati. Yes! Beaches… Mati City has on its way to be proud of. The City had a lots of virgin beaches to explore on and I tried it.

I have been to Gregorio Beach Resort and *Masao Beach. It was a great experience and totally different aura of  what Masao is. Indeed, Mati is the best-kept secret of Davao Region.

masaoI had gone to thier wonderful *Church at Mt. Carmel, Tua-Tua Road, Barangay Matiao, here in Mati City.


I had taken a nice look of thier captivating spot which they say the sleeping dinosaur in *Pujada Island. Truly fascinating!… I wonder if it is truly a dino sleeping. shhh….it might wake up!

sleeping dinosaur

There are a lot of places in Mati that are truly haven. They say that Dahican is one of the most popular destinations in Mati with clear waters and had a 17-kilometer pure and fine white sand shore. I will surely say that Dahican would be the next place I want to explore. See you soon Dahican.

Truly Mati is a place worth to be discover. I am here, got challenged…now I explore.

*I had only taken this photo from  the web. Click the picture for more.

Memories of Tagum

For more than three months in Tagum City, I should say that I had a beautiful time exploring the place. Meeting people in Tagum where the best thing I will surely treasure when I’m away in the city.

In these last few days I have this terrible feeling that I will be moving away in the city. Aside that I was informed, it took a lot of time fo me to decide whether I should leave or stay. It was a very difficult time to decide. I haven’t yet be able to explore more to the city but now, I will be moving on….again.

Only in Tagum

There are several things that I would like to share what Tagum City is. Aside from its nice and wonderful place of business and pleasure. I should surely say and confessed that Tagum had a good appetite in terms of food. As I noticed, Only here in Tagum that you will be able to buy a piece of pork barbeque for only one (1) peso. Imagine that!?! For just a single peso you would be able to eat and had lunch or dinner. Good for the people who were trying to be thrifty. Nice!

Aside from that, only in Tagum City that after 6 o’clock those several streets where being closed and night market where just around the corner. Lots of goods and things where selling (shoes, slippers, bags, dress, etc.). In the local terms, we called it “ukay-ukay”. I exprienced this things. For me, this is inexpensive yet very tiring because in order to have some clothes or things in a low cost you will going to tumble, mixed, juggled, turned yourself in finding some things you want. Ho!…I’m so tired of it!…yet exciting!

People and Place

When I’m in Tagum, I should say eventhough I had lived for just a couple of months, I should say that Tagum is just like any other place here in the Philippines. It is just like Manila, Cebu, Davao or even an old folk place in the other side of the earth. Tagum has its originality on its own.

My peers and companions were very entertaining. We have been separated by our different places where we came from but we are bonded and connected by the place and the ambiance  of good relationship. People in Tagum, especially my officemates and colleagues is whom I miss the most when I’m away.

Last Words

Thank you for the good memories. I will treasure and surely missed the Tagum City.


****        Next pit stop….  M A T I   C I T Y     ****

There’s no place like home

Since when I started my work at the new place. I only got one day ticket a week to go back home. I had my day-off during Saturday, so I had a one day chance to go back home. It was a mixed emotions. I haven’t know if I will feel happy because I’m going back home or be lonely because I will be leaving my family by the next day. But then, I tried myself to enjoy my family’s companion. I’d rather spend my whole day with them. Even though  I’m with my two  more months  working  far away from them still I see to it that even for just a day I’ll go back home to see my family.  I managed to  go back  in forth  although it’s difficult for me.  Still I enjoyed myself  working  having the kind nature of work.

I still want my pillows all over my bed. I still missed my morning cup of coffee and some cookies. I still need the 2 hours bath and remedy inside the bathroom. I still want to cuddle happy and the rest of the gang. I still want to do some things that I usually do when I’m home. All mentioned and even none is still I want to linger when I’m home. There’s no other place like home.

That’s why, even though I spent nowadays working away from home and staying in a rented house, still I managed to think and missed the place where I wanted to go every end of the day. The place where I was since when I’m young where I belong. My home my family.

I’d missed the place and the home when I’m away with my work. Nah….drama!

I’m 1 month…

It’s just by then when I started to post an entry regarding on my new place to work on and now I’m on my one month to the said place. Well, exploring the place in one month was totally good and now that I’m extending my duty to the place, I guess I’ll be giving more information to the place on my next entry,  I guess.

I got more adjustments, having the first consern that I’m away on my family. It was a difficult to live with a new people. Without even knowing what’s their atttitudes and traits, but thanked God I survived!

I got a nice and good officemates and peers. It is just to take a few minutes to recall my family away from me when I’m with them. Although I missed my family a lot, still I have this spirit to continue my work and tried to be away with them, even for a single time or more.

So far, so good…