Hello: Happy Holidays

Hello guys…it’s been a while since I wrote my last entry. I had a very busy days working this past few days, weeks, months. Haaayyyy….

By the way, it’s nice to back again. I spent my Christmas at home and I’m very thankful that my family was in thier good health celebrating the holiday season. Thanks God! We had a lot of things done last Christmas. It was a perfect Christmas for me. We had our exchange gifts and some games.

Almost all of my friends greet me and me as well. It is a season of sharing, forgiving and reflect that Baby Jesus was born.

So in the end it is not only Christmas that we should be going to share our blessings, to forgive nor reflect. We loved God in so many ways so we must share the blessings that the God gave us.

Happy holidays!!!!


It’s been awhile…

Hello guys…

It’s been five months since I wrote my last entry on my blog. It was so sad that I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. I had a lot of things that has to be done and maybe this would a good start for my blog to taking care of. I have to write something…again…

I’m away with my family(since I got my new  job and get assigned to a distant place. It seems like I want to resign and take something else to be work on. But on the contrary, I don’t think any good reasons on why should I resign. I had a good work (payable), I’m contented with it. Maybe it is just I’m away with my family and it’s not easy to be far and away with them. Right?

For my long stay here in MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL, I could say that I truly missed my family way back home. I missed them around and do the things I usually do when I’m with them. But then, I have found friends here. They’ve been the relief of my misery on missing my family. Since we have all the same situation.

It would be difficult for me to manage to work away from them, but since that I want to learn all the things and explore what the world is it would be a relief if we have a so called — friend.

I will be celebrating my five months on October 10, more patience and hard work to be done.

See you guys next on my next entry. I will be going to write about my friends here.

Things I don’t even noticed

Last week, I went back home to see my family. Since it was my day off in work, I grab the opportunity to spend my whole day at home.

It was a nice and wonderful Saturday morning. More than anything else, I experienced the cup of coffee and pieces of cookies early in the morning. As I look around the place, I have just noticed that this is still the home I still want to be with. I remember that I still have worked my daily routine in the house when I’m there.  sakura1

Very much surprising that baby Ruber was weighted more than the last visit when I came. He is getting to his toddy any moment from now.







I also checked if happy is okay and we do some walking when my mom said that he is not feeling well last few days. I feel so delighted when he saw me home.





 It was a relief on my part that he’s okay now and still managed to entertain me and my family as well. He is our bodyguard and a stress reliever. Thank you Happy! Muah!







As I look outside the window, I saw my mom. She is taking an early visit to her plants. Since then, my mom loves plants. She likes the flowers glowing in and saw it in different colors and figures. No wonder why I also loved plants. I guess so…Ha!ha!ha! sakura4



 I spent my day off a fun one. I know that it would be busy days again when I return to work, but I still manage to laugh and not to worry because I know that my family will be fine and they are going to be fine in God’s guidance.




I will be moving on

For I have been on my graveyard shift of working. I was so blessed to have a loving and understanding family and friends whom was there through thick and thin. They supported me as what I wanted to do and respect my decisions. I’ll thank them for doing that. Thank you also Lord… you know what I mean! 🙂

I decided to moved on my previous job to experience the opportunity that the present company may offer to me. It was a challenging and fun way of working. I was mentally stress but worth it!

Soon, I will be moving on to the other place. New place to work, new work to fulfill. I got excited to meet other people at the place where I have to work. It would be a challenge and extreme fun and adventure on my part.

I can’t wait to move on. I will surely missed my family and friends. See you soon!!!

Speak out: Thank you, dad

HOW we thank thee? Let us count the ways.

We thank thee for:

–Showing us what unconditional love is all about;
–Guiding and molding us to be good Christians;
–Not being too strict or too lenient with us;
–Not comparing our generation with yours;
–Not forgetting that the earth revolves around the sun, that time changes and so do happenings and things that surround us;
–Realizing that we too have our own ways of thinking, preferences, mood swings, likes and dislikes;
–Adjusting to situations and adopting to our world;
–Teaching the difference between love and discipline;
–Weighing and re-evaluating things before you blow your top and reprimand us;
–Being there in good times or in bad;
–Being understanding and considerate when the world turns its back from us;
–Being the all-around persona in our lives as working father, teacher, adviser, companion, disciplinarian all rolled into one, and best of all, as our best friend;
–Believing that fatherhood is the noblest career in the world and that nothing is more hurting than to see your kids suffer or fail in their lives;
–Being our inspiration and our hero;
–Showing us how to cross a bridge over troubled waters;
–Taking time to explain to us the “whats”, the “whys”, or the “hows” of life;
–Your all-out support in all our endeavors from grade school to high school to college and more;
But most of all, for making us what we are today: A father ourselves.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Sun.Star Editorial

Amazing 6!

You know who you are…

Hello there guys!…hope you read this. You know what,,, for more than four (4) years that we had been together I really appreciated all the things that happened to us…maybe there are sad moments but although we do have bad memories still I treasure it all. It would be hard for me to forget you all, ‘coz I know deep in my heart I’m not considering you as my friends or simple companions, but instead, I do care and feel as we are family. Maybe sometimes we do not intend to hurt each others feelings but then maybe there are circumstances we can’t handle to happen. maybe just the things that happen to us is part of our life,,, that is intended to happen.

We oftentimes can’t see each other because of our own busy life. We have our respective doings here on earth that quite tear us apart. But then, I hope that God will give us time to see each other again and make more memories again.

We have our own journey in life to be walk on to. Own dream to fulfill, own will to set free and own desires to have, but perhaps you can include that also we have people we intended to see.

I hope that God will find a way that we can be seeing each other again.

Waiting for that time to come… 😉