Misunderstanding is ;

  1. a failure to understand; mistake of meaning or intention
  2. a quarrel or disagreement

“I just don’t get your point why “your” acting like that. It seems like you don’t know me. I guess you have been brain washed by someone. I can’t really imagine that for that too little thing, you’ve just exploded like a bomb! You’re just like an innocent person pretending you have no mistakes. I just don’t get your point.”

Last few months, weeks and days, I had this terrible confrontation of one of my closed friend. I can’t really imagine that for a single and nonsense issue, we separated. It was so hard to give on the friendship. No communication, no voice even just a single sound. I haven’t hear the voice since it was happened.

Friendship? Do you value that thing?… I just don’t really get it. I’m not mad but I was discourage. What happened to you?…hay…

Maybe…we have this misunderstanding. 😦